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Hackensack Discussion / Re: The Ling is listing...
« on: January 14, 2020, 05:06:59 PM »
The first pic/stitch was taken from the top of a fence that now bars the public from the site. The rest were taken fore and aft of the Court St Bridge.

Last image: from the bottom, it's out with the old, in with the new.

Click to enlarge.

The first two images were taken from the Court St Bridge, the third from W. Fort Lee Rd in Bogota and the last two were taken from Costco on the other side of the river in Hackensack.

Click to enlarge.

133 River St is no more.

Click to enlarge.

HAD to take advantage of last Sunday's 68-degree temperature and go shoot some projects:

50 Main

Up to the second floor. Interesting stitch and non-stitch:

76 Main

Nothing happening

153 Main

Taken from Moore St

170 Main

The first one was taken from home on 1-5-20 - the rest on 1-12-20. The LAST one was taken from the NW corner of River and Atlantic. As I was about to take it, I saw out of the corner of my eye a mob of pigeons take off from somewhere and was fortunate to get this shot.

210  Main

Stitch of what I had been thinking was going to be the bank's driveup window before I remembered that it wasn't a bank anymore, so I don't know what it is.

Current on River

The sales push is on (1 and 2) - the SE and SW corners (3 and 4) - and found in the parking lot on the western periphery (and missing 2 letters).

The Record

The first stitch was taken from Moore St. The other two pix - including the ugly stitch - were taken from the southern border of the property where the driveway leads you either to the Heritage Diner or the locked gate where the two tollbooth-like structures stand and used to lead to The Record's parking lots.

Click to enlarge.


1.2. Rooftop: A/C units


3,4,5. Corner of Main & Ward and looking up Main St sidewalk towards Ward

6,7. Passaic St side - Resisto Red is almost gone

8. State St side


9. The view coming out of my building's back door

10. Swapping dumpsters


11. Top to bottom: Fort Lee towers, icy Teaneck trees, 395 Main's roof with A/C units


12. The scaffolding is usually straight across the side.
13. Items get brought to higher floors the old-fashioned way.


14. When the scaffolding support poles need to be moved, a notched board and rope (and muscle) do the trick together with a crew on the ground.
15. This one is being moved from the State St side to the Ward St side.
16, 17. This pole is being lowered to the ground.


18. Welding on Ward


19, 20. Working on Ward, calling on State

Click to enlarge.

I didn't want a repeat of last year when I didn't get this out until March, so even though it's got more stuff in it, I worked on this for almost every waking hour of the last week-and-a-half and got it done today.

Hope you like it.

This annual New Year's Day procession - which I've been photographing since 2009 - ends at a local Catholic church, so I called them on December 31 to check on the step-off time and to see if there were any changes in the route.

I was told that it was not scheduled this year, but they could provide no reason why. That's sad.

Just before noon on New Year's Day, I heard music that sounded familiar. I looked out a window in my apartment and there was the usual procession, albeit with a somewhat different route. When I first heard it, I saw it on Union St in front of the Middle School. I have no idea where it started. It continued on Union past my building, but I couldn't tell you where it went after that (back to the church that - just the day before - said there was no procession?)

I usually shoot this from my roof, but a certain landlord has blocked me from my own roof access door, so this video had to be shot through a window with an A/C in it.

Consequently, the volume is low, so crank it up to hear anything.

Click stills to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Patches
« on: December 19, 2019, 12:25:00 PM »


1. Room contents


2. The view from the SE corner of Main & Passaic

3. Small stitch view from State & Ward


4. Two pix, 1 crane


5. Reflections (but not for long)


6. Nobody there on Sunday


7. After roof delivery of LOTS more A/Cs


8. Don't know what he's spraying, but his mask tells me it ain't water.

9. The left half shows the Eastern Insulation being pumped up to a top-floor unit. The right half is the closeup of the window and the technician.


10. The guys struggled with this apparently-heavy wire spool.

11. The Main/Ward view

12. What looked more like tan before looks more like gray on a gray day.

13-16. The protective structure that was over the sidewalk on the Main St side was disassembled and then reassembled several feet out into Main St, but I don't know why yet.


17. The scaffolding poles were moved to the furthest west section on the Passaic St side. The State St side should be next.

18. Weird-looking figures appear to do wall and ceiling work in an apartment on the State St side.


19. Pieces of scaffolding get loaded on the truck. I don't know where these were used.


20. Nice day to be on the roof

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack History / Re: Victor Hugo Green - "Green Book" movie
« on: December 15, 2019, 05:37:52 PM »
The film began airing on Showtime last night - very good movie (no mentions of Hackensack). It will be on again tomorrow (12/16) at 9pm and Friday at 8pm on SHO, Saturday morning at 10:35am on SHO2 and anytime On Demand.

(I should mention periodically that this really the 395 Main project - not 389 Main)


1-3. Unboxing the A/Cs

4. Stitch of the roof (and The Modern 1 & 2) at sunset


5. Corner of Main and Ward


6. Dunno what all this stuff is for, but it looks serious.


7. Back-seat driver (in the bucket) going up State St.


8. Overview (I've been doing these since Day 1 - might make an interesting flip book at the end).


9. Heavy lifting on a closed State St


10,11. Window deliveries from the street

12. Roof activity

13-15. Roof deliveries

16. Main and crane view

17. Back to two-tone on the Passaic St side. That tan color will soon be on State St. Notice the scaffolding and the five scaffolding support poles on the right.

18. On the roof working on a scaffolding support pole

19. Lots of truck/crane deliveries on State St


20. The Modern I, 395 Main and 42 geese

Click to enlarge.

This was a fortunate 3-photo stitch:

(click to enlarge and scroll l-r)

50 Main

1-4. The first picture was taken on October 24 and the rest on November 26. Pic #2 was supposed to look as good as Pic #1, but it's got an unfortunate glitch in the middle of it. #3's a little straighter and #4 is passable.

153 Main (from 9-29)

5. This is where the furniture store fire was last year. I heard a rumor that someone wants to buy this space and all the stores on that side of Main up to Mercer St so that another huge building - just like the one across the street at 150-170 Main - can be built. Anyone know if that's true?

210 Main

6,7. These were taken on 10-24 and 11-26 in the back (Moore St side). What's being built there?

8. Looking inside the back door of 210 Main

Current on River

9. The SE corner of the project on 10-24

10. The SW corner of the project on 11-26

The Record

11. Still pushing around dirt at 150 River St

The Hackensack Bus Terminal

12,13. While shooting the demolition at 133 River (white wall on the right), I thought I should take a couple of shots of the Terminal before it becomes another demo project. This place has more pigeons than passengers (but no passenger pigeons - they're extinct).

Click to enlarge.

These images were taken on September 29, October 24 and November 26:

1. Comparison of the first two dates' progress: two more floors.

2. The 9-29 view from the tracks on Main

3. And now, the view of Enlightenment Giving Power is gone.

4-6. Other 10-24-19 views

7. The view down closed Main St from Mercer

8-11. Various views from Mercer St of cranes, the cement pumper and an airplane

12. Consecutive photos of the same load with changing bottom reflection colors based on what covers the building's exterior at different heights

13. Different load - and crane and the load are pure heavy metal.

14. The view up Moore St

15. Why Main St was closed

16. Could be a fan-shaped custom guitar, but more likely it's the just-poured-cement-floor-smoother-outer we saw in the 395 Main thread (may not be its technical name).

Click to enlarge.

These are two interesting things I videod while taking stills around the building on 10-24:

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