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Various and sundry.............

Click to enlarge.


1. Going to work


2. State St becomes Crane Lane.

3. No balconies on the State St side, but at least small children won't fall out.

4. Masks, gentlemen..........

5. Old curbing gets ripped out.

6, 7. He cuts a mean rug, but needs a longer shirt.


8. More bars get installed.

9. Moving the fences in advance of new curb installation

10. Looks like an outdoor art exhibit

11. Three shots - same guy


12. Hey, bar-installers! You missed a spot!

13. The bar-installers are off today.

14-17. The new curbs are in (try to curb your enthusiasm).


18. The last set of bars are installed.

19. These workers are looking down on Main St from the building's highest point at Main & Ward.

20. First look inside (the white lights on the left are reflections of the E municipal parking lot's lights).

Click to enlarge


1. Basement baggies

2. Shadow sharing


3. from Main & Ward

4. from Ward & State (stitch)


5. Masked jumper?

6. Masked measurer


7. Rainy day electronics for everyone (stitch)


8. from P.C. Richard?

9. First Presbyterian Church steeple's shadow at sunset


10. The elegant front door

11. The inelegant rear door


12. The State St door


13. The roof at sunset


14-17. The dismantling of the extended temporary sidewalk covering on Main St

18. Window scraping

19. Exterior work, basement level, Passaic St side

20. Kitchen sinks?

Click to enlarge.

While sitting at my computer at home yesterday, I heard some strange music outside. I looked out and saw this oddly-decorated vehicle. But then I noticed that the decorations were in the Hackensack High School colors and I could make out the word "GRAD" on the car (I think it's also on the balloon).

I guessed it might be the start of a drive-by-and-wave graduation caravan of sorts (it wasn't), so I started the video, which is just 3 sewn-together parts.

A masked girl emerged from the building, signed something and posed with another masked person, while Mom(?) had them pose for her. The girl walked over to the car, the mask vanished and she posed for Mom(?). She leapt in the air and that seemed to signal the end of the ceremony. She walked up the few steps to the door of the building, turned around and she and Mom(?) waved, blew kisses, whooped it up and went inside.

The car cranked up the music and took off. I could see it said "Congrats 2020 Grad" on the side and had a platform attached to the back with some healthy-sized speakers on it. The music continued as it passed my building.

It doesn't make up for the loss of the graduation ceremony with all your friends, but it was certainly a very nice gesture and I hope she appreciated it.

I wonder if that vehicle went to EVERY graduate's home.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Masked citizens - the Coronavirus
« on: May 20, 2020, 07:40:11 PM »
Sound familiar?

Click to enlarge.

The video - bits and pieces stuck together:

The pix:

1. I first saw the smoke from my apartment and quickly headed over there - so quickly, I forgot my mask. As you may have noticed in the video, social distancing was not an option.

2. The view from State St between Berry and Camden

3. The view from Camden

4. The view from Main and Camden

5. The view from Main and Salem, where people were blocked off

6. The view from Main, across from the Riverkeeper's building

7. The upper corner of the Fashion shop

8. The view I stuck with

9-11. On the ladder

12. Ghostly firefighters and a water stream from the ladder

13. There were a lot of firemen inside the Riverkeeper's building. I hope they were able to limit the damage.

14,15. The fire in that upper corner of the Fashion shop gets blasted.

16. Kitchen & Bath gets a bath.

17,18. The view from Main St - time to head home.

19. The view of Salem from State St

20.  In front of Christ Church on State

Click to enlarge.

These two businesses - NJ Modern Kitchen & Bath and Mix & Match Fashion - are right next to the Hackensack Riverkeeper building at 231 Main (see pic). Firemen were in 231 Main, but I don't know what damage - if any - the Riverkeeper suffered.

I have a ton of photos to get through - hopefully by tomorrow - but if anyone else was there and took pictures, please post them.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / One semi-clever, one brain-dead
« on: May 13, 2020, 06:00:01 PM »
1. Eh......
2. Oy!

Click second one to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Today's NJ flyover
« on: May 12, 2020, 04:09:19 PM »
They were right on time, but weren't all together. Three F-16s and a refueling tanker jet came by in two groups at 11:50 and 11:52am.

Using binoculars, the first thing I saw in the distance was a large plane and a tiny one making a turn.........maybe in the Teterboro Airport vicinity? Then I lost them...........maybe they flew low in salute? A minute later, I saw them again coming in my direction, a little to my right. They were moving quickly, so it was hard to keep them in focus.

I got off a couple of shots - the first photo was the only decent one of those - and as they went by my south-facing window, I got one or two more, the best one of the day being the second image.

Two minutes later, the other two jets came by, but they were too small and fast to get any shots off.

I really wish I had my roof access for this.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / A New Jersey flyover tomorrow
« on: May 11, 2020, 02:03:35 PM »
From: Gabriel Andino <>
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2020 1:07 PM
To: Gabriel Andino <>
Subject: New Jersey ANG Military Flyover - May 12th


The New Jersey Air National Guard will be conducting a fly over of the entire state tomorrow beginning at 11:30 am. F-16 fighter jets and at least one KC-135 aerial refueling tanker jet will be flying over northern New Jersey between 11:45 am and 12:00 pm. Attached is map of the expected flyover route and times.

Gabriel Andino
Manager - Noise Abatement & Environmental Compliance
AvPORTS | Teterboro Airport
90 Moonachie Avenue | Teterboro, NJ 07608
P: 201.393.0399 | C: 201.481.1126 | F: 201.440.2416

(Click to enlarge)

Just add sunlight...........

This is from the Holman site at 435 Main.

Click to enlarge.

What a performer! Too bad I only got to photograph him at the 1988 Grammys.

With or without symptoms:

From home, I could see that there was no crane activity on the Main St side of the 150-170 Main St project at Main and Mercer - the usual reason for closures like this -  so I decided to take a look, approaching it from the south:

1. Not much to see here

2,3. After a short walk, I could see something was going on right at Main and Mercer, but I had been getting strange looks from hard-hatted guys on the way there (coronaparanoia?), so I started shooting from a distance (the long zoom on this tiny camera is great!). This was insurance in case anybody gave me crap when I got to the intersection.

4. As I approached the hole in the street, someone who seemed to be supervising noticed me and my camera and started to turn toward me. For a split second, an aluminum light pole was between us (and right next to me). I stopped, took this picture and continued walking. He never saw a thing. I have no idea if he was really going to say anything, but why give him a chance to? I never found out why they were digging, but I'd rather have the picture and not know than know and be photoless. Somebody else here who's more knowledgeable can post what they were doing.

5. When I got up between Banta Pl and Salem St, I turned around and zoomed in again. Nothing special, but it's a scene you won't likely see again anytime soon.

6,7. I don't know if the way Demarest St looks is connected to the work at Main and Mercer (I'm guessing it is), but I took a shot on the way up Main and another on the way down Moore St.

Click to enlarge.

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