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Hackensack Discussion / Woodstock's 50th anniversary
« on: Today at 12:30:07 AM »
So, are you all sick of hearing about Woodstock's 50th anniversary this weekend? I'm not. Why?

Because TODAY is also the 50th anniversary of me turning 22 at Woodstock at the exact moment the Who hit the stage (both happened at 5:00am on a Sunday morning).

In 2003, I went back to the original site and took the below picture. The stage area is the non-green ground shown on the left above the fence. The sloping field was home to 4 or 5 hundred thousand new friends. In the foreground is the Woodstock monument.

If you can stand one more story about the event, here's mine:

(Note: the language is slightly R-rated)

Click to enlarge:

I haven't been on-site in ages, so it looks a little different.

1. The view from Hackensack behind Pep Boys

2. The official name

3,4. Similar things from different angles

5. This stitch connects the two parts of the project that I could see (the "River Club" banner seems to indicate that there are - or will be - others).

6. This part was much closer to the RR tracks and River Rd as you proceed east from the Court St Bridge.

7. This is the flip side of the view shown in the first image.

Click to enlarge.

From the two previous Saturdays:

Hackensack Discussion / Re: The Ling is listing...
« on: August 15, 2019, 10:30:36 AM »
Vandals have again attacked the Ling. This time, they attached some sort of banner to it. In the second picture, an apparent lookout vandal is shown at the bottom of the pic.

Click to enlarge.

Current on River

A quick walkaround produced the following:

1. The southwest corner on E. Camden

2. Same corner, different view

3. The southeast corner (River St and E. Camden St)

4. Open-door policy on 6 of the 8 apartments in this River St image

5. The rest of the River St side to E. Berry St.

6. Looking back from the other side of E. Berry St

7. The northwest corner from E. Berry St

Sunny Sunday morning alfresco table for one at Subway (bring your own chair)

Festive sign on State St near Ward St

Now the egrets. As mentioned earlier, I walked over to Bogota to shoot a WAY overdue update on the project that's replacing the old Hess tanks along W. Fort Lee Rd. On the way back, I crossed the street to get some shots of the USS Ling from both the concrete company and the Court St bridge. Those will be placed in the Ling thread.

When I got on the bridge, I noticed a large egret. I wanted to try to get some shots of it in flight because they're such graceful birds in the air. After taking a couple of shots, I noticed a second - and much smaller - egret. Omigod - is this a mother and offspring? The larger bird seemed to be watching over the smaller one as it hopped into the water and went for long strolls under the bridge. I couldn't see it, but "Mom" stood her ground patiently and after a long while, the smaller one came back.

I noticed a couple of differences that I attributed to changes that probably occur between fledgling age and adulthood. The beaks: the big one's was yellow and the other one's black. Their feet: the big one's were black and the other one's were yellow.

I like the fish-catching shots better than the semi-in-flight one. The last shot's a video still.

I spent about a half hour taking pictures of them before I realized that I was only halfway done with my walk and had at least a mile to go.

Today, I decided to send some pix to a birder friend to see if they were great egrets or snowy egrets. But first, I looked online to see if could figure it out. The first picture I saw had two egrets in it: one was large, had a yellow bill and black feet. The other was much smaller, had a black beak and yellow feet. It could easily have been the same "mother and child" I had just photographed...................but it wasn't the same anything.

The big one was a great egret and the smaller one was a snowy egret! I had simply photographed two different types of egret that just happened to be hanging out between the Court St Bridge and the Ling.

So much for my touching "family" story...............but the pictures and video are still worth it (I think):

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty interesting and productive walk.

Click pix to enlarge.

210 Main

1. the north side of the building

2. the front (west side - I couldn't shoot this straight on and back up enough to fit it all in because the sun was right behind the top part and if I stepped one foot back, I'd be in the sun and blinded.)

3. Main entrance.............literally and street-wise

4. The view inside from the main front door

5,6. As you saw three photos up, there is a door on either side of the main entrance. These are the views inside the northern and southern doors, respectively.

7. A view of the sidewalk work in the vicinity of the main entrance

8. This shows the southern and back sides of the building.

9. Full view of the back (east) side of the building

10. The view inside the back door

11. This is the alley between 210 Main and its northerly neighbor.

This is a morning sun view that caught my eye in a storefront on the west side of Main St.

240 Main

This is The Meridia - a wraparound project that fronts on Main, E. Salem and Moore streets. I'm sorry, but I can't shake the knowledge that Meridia is the name of an obesity drug that was banned in 2010. I'm sure it's a lovely place, but the name is unfortunate.

1. This is the view on the corner of Main and E. Salem

2.  The Cap Diner on the same corner

3. The view from E. Salem and Moore

4. The view on Moore St looking back towards E. Salem

5. For old times' sake, I walked around the back of the above image to capture this contrast of dwellings.

Click to enlarge.

I'm not sure of the addresses of a couple of these so one or two may leak over the given boundaries.

1. This was behind 157 Main (The Battleground store).

2. "Dinning"? Oy! No wonder they went out of business.

3. This was right on the NE corner of Main St and Demarest Place. They had all those loudly-colored wigs in their windows.

4. You know where............and when.

5. What The Record site looks like. I think I recall reading that whatever's to be built would be on higher ground to preclude flooding. This appears to be that higher ground.

170 Main (formerly "The Hole")

1. I actually took this on July 16 from the steps of a building on Moore St, but never got a chance to post it. I'm glad I saved it because they've added another story since.

2. This is an easy project to shoot from all corners, so here's the northwest one at Main and Mercer.

3. The southwest one on Main St

4. The view from Moore and Atlantic (also shows parts of 149 Main and 210 Main)

5. The southeast corner - you can see where Moore St gets blocked off up to Mercer

6. Moore St from the blocked-off point looking north to Mercer

7. The northeast corner from Moore and Mercer

A new parking meter on Moore St

Click to enlarge

I'm overdue.

I just don't go out when it's hot and humid, but Sunday morning was so nice, I spent about 3 hours and must have walked 3-4 miles as I traversed Main St from Anderson to Essex and back with a side trip into Bogota, shooting almost ALL of the ongoing projects, so I can hibernate again for another month or two.

There's so much stuff, I'm gonna have to make 4 posts (there's a 20-image limit per post). Although I didn't shoot them in this order, I'm listing them sequentially from south to north. I shot a few other things that caught my eye, so I'm just going to intersperse them within the sequence.

The Bogota project has its own topic, so here's everything else:

The Alfred and Mary Sanzari Garden

This is that little pocket park at Main and Essex across from the Bergen County Courthouse.

The Bergen County Courthouse area

One from the park, one from General Poor, two golden oldies on the roof and dome

50 Main

1. The sign at Moore and Bridge - first floor says "Restaurant", "Office", "Cafe" and "Snack".

2. Stitch from Washington Place

3. Stitch from Moore looking northwest

4. Looking toward Main St from Moore

76 Main

Stitch with a glitch

149 and 153 Main

1. 149 Main

2. 153 Main, where the furniture fire was last October

3. Odd stitch showing the north side of 149 Main, taken from the back left side of the previous photo. Also visible on the far left is a bit of the 170 Main Project across the street.

4. Rear interior view of The Battleground store at 157 Main, the first store to the north of 153 Main

5. 149 Main's interior from the back

6. This was taken a few doors south when I was walking back to an alley to get me back onto Main St. 149 is the tall building on the far left. The long awning says "135" and the green and white sign below it says "Tati's Salon", which fronts on Main St next to the other end of the alley.

7. Meanwhile, here's what the alley itself contains: "Greetings from THE SACK". (do you know ANYBODY who refers to Hackensack as "The Sack"? I don't.)

8. On a somewhat sadder note, I thought The Battleground and Kids Rule were coming back after the fire at 153. Apparently not.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:12:01 AM »
This time around, "Fives & Flubs" is "Five & Flubs".

Click to enlarge.

7-25-19 (4)

1. The five floors

2. The northeast corner at Main and Ward

3. I was surprised to see that the State St Cafe section of sidewalk is mostly still there.............but it's not staying.

4. Looking north toward Ward St, this stitch shows the temporary Window Warehouse.

7-27-19 (1)

5. A balloon on River St appears to be separating the work being done on the roof of 7 E. Ward (east side of Main St) from the new construction at 389 Main (west side of Main).

7-29-19 (3)

6. Street view of the Ward St work

7. Closeup double-view from home of a window installation

8. Here's a sight you don't see every day on one-way State St: a collapsed crane driving a front-loaded cargo of new windows against traffic.

7-30-19 (1)

9. This is a short-lived phenomenon: all the cars in the E lot have red roofs and trunks, thanks to the current covering of the State St side of 389 Main.


10. Street view of worker unrolling his to-do list for the day

11. This might be the last time a giant crane is on-site to bring materials onto the roof.

12. The picture frame shots are becoming fewer and fewer as work progresses.

13,14. The red spreads to Ward St.

8-1-19 (3)

15. I can't see as many workers on the roof these days because the activity is all on the far (Main St) side.

16. There's a two-story-tall piece of what I think may be clear backing for the Resisto Redzone Stick VP material that's blowing in the breeze.

17. It appears that some sort of rope connected to the scaffolding is being secured to one of its poles at the end of the day down on the second floor.

Click to enlarge.

I found this on eBay here:

Seller's description: This rare playbill program was removed from a scrapbook started in 1918, but is dated 1924. It's a little rough, but all there. I cut the album page so it would not tear. That piece is still attached to the back. There is some glue residue and a tear on the back. Still a great historic item. Nothing came up in my search, so I don't know how long this was there under this name. It housed all kinds of drama of the day. 9 3/8" X 6 1/4".

There are 3 pictures (he shows one twice). I cleaned up the pictures as much as I could and made them into one large 1460x2132 image. On top are the back and front pages and below them are the opened inside pages.

It's got a bunch of Hackensack information I don't think I've seen before.

The seller will take offers if anyone's interested.

Click to enlarge.

(fully-stopped, of course)

1. Second St HUMC construction

2. Sister Emily's Maple Ave

Click to enlarge:

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: August 01, 2019, 11:22:10 AM »
Well, the Fives are in full bloom..............unfortunately, the Flubs never seem to go out of season.

Click to enlarge:

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: August 01, 2019, 11:15:21 AM »
"Drivers were getting stuck in the water," the story reported, but it is unclear whether they were in vehicles or just on foot.

If they were on foot, they wouldn't be referred to as "drivers"...........and cars are much more likely to get "stuck" in the water than pedestrians.

It was called "40s in the 80s", so I doubt it was advertised to or aimed at students.

People who were around 60 at the time probably dug it.

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