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The only "5" is mixed with a flub. The three after that are a series from the 4-15-19 Record.

Everything else - with the exception of the last item - is Flub City.

That last item came from an intelligent reader and it was in today's Record, so it's quite timely.

Click to enlarge.

1. At least I think there are some in this picture. It's getting harder and harder to tell. My eyes must be going bad.

2. So I blew it up a bit.............maybe my eyes aren't so bad after all.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / True Good Friday story
« on: April 19, 2019, 10:30:30 AM »
On Good Friday in 1997, I had to take my mother to be admitted at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck (again). 

I told the nuns who ran the place that I wanted her resurrected by Sunday.

They didn't find that particularly funny.


1.  Wood on wood

2. Distributing scaffolding planks

3,4,5. High-wire act

6,7,8. Getting the pieces into place

9. Rounding the corner and heading toward Main St

10. Whole site stitch


11. Shoveling cement into buckets for transport to the side where it's needed

12. More planking activity

13. Scaffolding going up another floor

14. Transporting concrete blocks over to the rising tower

15. A not-so-innocent bystander (but a good guy) takes a picture

16. Stitch showing that a LOT has changed since yesterday


17. The morning view

18. Iím not sure where these go.

19. Looking up the Ward St side toward State St.

20. Stitch of the site from State and Ward

Click to enlarge.


1. Sweeping water off the second floor

2. The first leaner on the new Leaning Tower of Hackensack

3. Waving goodbye to the sparkly view of the Hackensack River (boy, can I relate!).

4,5. While on Main St, I took these two shots.

6. "OK, smile!"    "I am, because I'm trying to figure out what your hard hat is sitting on."

7. Another load of wood arrives.

8,9. The tightrope walker steps over a bar, both with and without a load to carry.

10. The brand-new tower casts its first shadow on the second floor.


11. One crane makes a third-floor wet cement tray delivery as another brings a load of wood to the second floor.

12. Floor measurements are made before the wood becomes vertical.

13. Verticality first appears in the SW corner.

14. Dragging a pre-fab piece into place

15. A crane brings up wooden scaffolding planks.

16. The scaffolding as seen from Ward St

17. Looking down the Main St side of the pedestrian barrier

18. Picking up a load of wood from the storage area

19. Photostitch of the yard activity looking north

20. End-of-the-day shot

Click to enlarge.

Current On River - 8

1,2 - These were taken from home.

3 - Stitch from SW corner

4 - Stitch from NW corner

5 - Closeup of Berry St side of NE corner

6 - Stitch from NE corner

7 - Stitch from SE corner

8 - Stitch of western side of project

Main & Bridge streets - 1

Taken from Moore St..............the lot is finally cleared

210 Main - 3

It's in everyone's flight paths, whether taking off, landing or just passing through.

Click to enlarge.


1 - The whole scene from my roof

2 - Closeup of the pile drivings on the Maple Ave side


3,4 - As I was pulling out of the Second Reformed Church's parking lot, I saw this right in front of me across the street and took two shots from behind the wheel.



5,6 - Both stitches were shot from the Maple Ave side and show the pile drivings. The first was from the back corner of Family Dollar and the second was from the side of Holy Trinity School. In each image, you can see the other building.

7. Old Reliable - from the SE (front) corner of Family Dollar on the Main St side

Click to enlarge.

The project as seen (stitch) from the east-west bend in the Hackensack River alongside Costco

Click to enlarge.

149 Main (2)

Front and back

153 Main (7 - where the furniture store fire was)

All but the first picture were taken from the State St side.

157 Main (2 - The Battleground store)

Pix were taken from the front and back doors.

157A Main  (1 - Kids Rule store)

150-170 Main (6 - formerly known as The Hole)

Clockwise stitches (except for #4):

1 - from Main St

2 - from Mercer and Moore

3 - The project's storage lot between Moore and River streets - across River St, you can see piles of dirt where The Record used to be (two projects in one shot).

4 - Whatever these are...........they're OK.

5 - Southeast corner of the project

6 - South side of the project, plus the front of 149 Main

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: April 14, 2019, 01:39:57 PM »
Note: If anyone cares, the title of "Mr. MetsScribe" will NOT be taken over by Mr. JetsScribe. Apparently, that was only temporary until someone else was found. It looks like that person has been installed and will become Mr. MetsScribe2.

Onward and downward with Fives & Flubs.................

Click to enlarge.


1-7. The State St-side stairwell tower is finished and the scaffolding is torn down on Saturday.

8-10. Time for a quick walk-around:
- two views with one showing door openings for floors 3,4 and 5
- collected scaffolding waiting to get back into action in two days
- collected steel mesh waiting for the next cement floor pour
- STITCH  (with GLITCH) looking north (and the last time I get to sneak my building into the shot)


11. Day of be cleaned up on Monday


12-15.  Cleanup, dryout, scaffolding back to work


16-20. The wood arrives (and some of it is pink!). Things will really be changing quickly now.

Click to enlarge.


1. That tower begins in the garage where I saw something that looked like an old fence until I saw it drive out of the site. This shows both images.

2-8. The visible part of that tower begins to take shape as lots of concrete blocks are brought in, as upward scaffolding is built.


9-15. As the tower rises, another crane is delivering steel beams to the Main St side. At one point, plane buzzes crane (maybe)............twice.


16,17. The Main St-side towers will soon start climbing higher and the State St-side stairwell tower nears completion

Click to enlarge.

1. Adios, Kates

2. Officer Squillace on the job

3. (top) The big cleanout.  (bottom) "You forgot something". (I had a feeling this would happen.............that's why I took the top shot)

4. EMERGENCY! No parking on the sidewalk!

5. As bingo fades away.............

6. Bed King (front)

7. Bed King (back)

8. From a distance, I thought this guy was a 389 Main project worker.

9. At the Second Reformed Church last Sunday

10. I see a potential pairing here.

11. This is my spare. I hope I don't get a flat because it'll stick out like a sore shiny thumb against my other wheels (it's too expensive to get them all done).

12. Yeah, I kinda expected that when the bell sounded, the lights flashed and the gates came down. BTW - you may recall that I posted a similar picture last July (,3746). I just noticed that this is the exact same rail car and banner (probably). Both looked a lot better last year (so did New Jersey Transit).

Click to enlarge horizontals.

The remaining 20 photos (continued from the previous post)

Click to enlarge.

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