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Well, it only took about 9 hours, but it's done. QuickTime's seamstress apparently doesn't like my new OS and other upgrades and took FOREVER to sew various combinations of a dozen video pieces together.

What else can I gripe about? Oh yeah - as I mentioned in the stills post, Hackensack started the show early, so I missed the opening barrage while still setting up. The finale was VERY short............I'm not even sure I got it on video, so I feel gypped on both ends.

Usually after a great finale, I can hear the Foschini Park crowd - from my living room (a good distance away) - immediately and enthusiastically cheering. After this abbreviated finale, I listened for it and barely heard a thing. Maybe the crowd was as stunned as I was.

As I wrote on the YouTube page, here are some of the other goodies in this video:

- a not-nearby baby yelling
- the autofocus bouncing in and out
- cheap fireworks that were going off downstairs
- car alarms
- an ice cream truck that was too dark to make out and that I failed to verbally identify (it had been playing ice cream truck music)
- Hackensack after-show traffic honking horns during a Macy's segment

Other than all that, everything was peachy.

Be sure to hit the full-screen option. Viewing it on this too-brightly-backgrounded page makes everything way too dark.


Finally, some GOOD fireworks (although they didn't wait until the advertised 9:15pm to start, so I missed a few while setting up).

I wish the second burst was the one that went off when I took the first shot, which - by the way - will look quite different next year when a 5-story building fills the 389 Main hole. BTW - I noticed that all bursts were above the horizon from my perspective, so I should still be able to see all of the Hackensack display.

The last shot is the offspring of the two that precede it.


Given the hazy sky, this was an unexpected surprise.............for a while. As you can see, it started off nicely, but then it appeared that so much smoke accumulated that only the tops of the huge barge bursts could be seen from this angle.


I thought I had missed them when I was concentrating on Hackensack's, but it turns out that they didn't even start until around 10pm - well after Hackensack's were over. They almost lined up with Fort Lee's The Modern 1 & 2 towers. I like the last one because it looks like the towers are about to be rolled over by a giant ball of fireflies (instead of fireworks).


The last shot shows a new ride at the Fair this year that flies you over the fireworks for around 600 bucks a pop.

All images are ęBob Leafe and were photographed from my living room except for the Meadowlands Fair, which I shot from my roof.

I DID make a video, but that'll take a day or two to put together.

Click to enlarge.

The pix:

Maywood (7) - 7-2-18

Saddle Brook? (1) - 7-3-18

No idea where [8] - 7-3-18

Meadowlands Fair (1) - 7-3-18

First shot includes 29 Linden. Eighth shot (which I think is Saddle Brook) shows Hackensack apartment buildings in the vicinity of Passaic and Prospect. The "No idea" shots were not nearby and were north of me. Many show a thin cloud at or below their level - probably non-dispersed smoke from previous exploding fireworks. They looked more interesting than Saddle Brook's (or whatever town it was), so I stuck with them. The fifth from the last image looks like a comet with exploding sprinkles on it.

All were done by 9:45 - 10:00pm, except for the ones from the Fair, which started at around 11pm (as they probably will tonight).

Overall, the various towns' displays have been somewhat disappointing, compared with previous years, so I'm expecting big things from the hometown tonight. I think Leonia might be in the frame simultaneously. It'll probably be too cloudy to shoot the Macy's fireworks from here tonight.

This will be my last year of having unobstructed views of the Hackensack fireworks from home. The 5-story 389 Main St project will be completed before next July 4. I'll still be able to see most of the good parts. Hopefully, the building's exterior won't be all lit up.

I think I'll try to make a flick tonight in addition to stills since it won't look the same  - or as good - next year.

All shot from my roof.

Click to enlarge.

Lodi (3) - 6-29-18

? (2) - 6-30-18

Paramus (9) 7-1-18

All shot from my roof.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: How to shop at the 99 Ranch supermarket
« on: June 30, 2018, 12:31:37 AM »
I think someone mentioned the interrogatory aspect of her speech in the comments when they said she talked like a teenage girl.

Something else that she does that you shouldn't do..............

Hackensack Discussion / How to shop at the 99 Ranch supermarket
« on: June 29, 2018, 03:41:14 PM »
Don't do what she does:

1. I had a lot to do on Monday, so was up early (early for me, anyway) and saw this guy already working on the site at 6:49am.

2. At 11:24am, I saw this looooooooong truck on Main St and knew that if it managed to maneuver the exit to the Ward-to-State tight road curvature, it would be perfectly-placed for a truck/site shot for a second or two as it rolled by. Somehow, it managed to back into the site perpendicularly a minute later.

3. Most people who walk by the site barely give it a glance, but at 5:54pm, these 3 spent a few minutes there. Future tenants? Still looking for a table at Alfonso's?

Click to enlarge:

I had seen this woman walking north on where Railroad Ave would be if it extended to Anderson St. From half a parking lot away, I noticed some unusual headgear, but before I could get a shot to identify it, she reached Anderson St and vanished.

A bit later, she returned and took the same route south. Her "hat" was a graduation cap, complete with tassel.............maybe from HHS?

Definitely an interesting (and matching) look that I can't recall ever seeing in town after graduation day.

And if you're wondering why I was taking pictures in the Rite Aid parking lot on Monday afternoon, I was waiting for my laundry to finish at the laundromat.

Not really, but this photo makes it look like the HFD was participating in the "event" one day last month.

Click to enlarge:

I saw this on Monday. An MTA Metro-North locomotive was pulling an NJ Transit commuter train into the Anderson St Station right by the Lynch/Lunch billboards.

I don't recall seeing this this common?

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack History / Name and location of this candy store?
« on: June 27, 2018, 11:51:01 AM »
There was a photo-article about local candy stores back in the day that ran in The Record a couple of months ago. Each photo had a caption - that's it as far as information goes.

I think I've seen this picture before - maybe even on this site - but I'm not sure.

So what store is it and where was it?

Here's the caption:

June 1968: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kalk wait on customer in their Hackensack candy store.  (Archive photo/

And here's the photo (click to enlarge):

And lest anyone thinks that only the Sports section makes errors, here's part of an article in the Better Living section about the unusual food offerings at State Fair Meadowlands, which starts today. Each of the 7 named items is followed by a description of that food. However, the description of the first one probably won't make anyone's mouth water:

Whaddaya wanna bet that there'll be no mention of ANY of this in tomorrow's "Corrections" on Pg 2A?

Not a peep - business as usual.

........but only for a day:

Whaddaya wanna bet that there'll be no mention of ANY of this in tomorrow's "Corrections" on Pg 2A?

Not a peep - business as usual.

Of the below 8 errors (from June 11), 7 of them were all on ONE page. That's why the files had to be named A through G.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / World Cup 2018
« on: June 19, 2018, 07:31:19 PM »
I don't follow soccer, but it was easy to figure out that Colombia had a match this morning when I looked out my living room window and saw Colombian flags on cars and people (in addition to team jerseys) in the parking lot.
Everyone was heading for Noches de Colombia on Main St, which appeared to be filled with yellow jerseys.

Later on, I saw a non-jubilant crowd leaving and probably not thrilled to be facing a (probable) TV cameraman with a microphone.

Japan beat Colombia 2-1.

Click to enlarge.

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