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Must be Sunday...............

This is really late, but I didn't get to it until today. I registered with last January when I tried to get a copy of an old story on me, but I never joined because they never mentioned that they wanted money - the "free registration" was supposed to do the trick. But it's all free this weekend until midnight tonight. You still have to register, but if you act fast, you can copy whatever you need today.

I finally got that story, but then found 78 other things about me that go back to 1958! I don't remember ANY of that stuff, but some of it was quite surprising.

How many times have you wanted to read an old article, but were told you'd have to join to do so?

Get a copy of your life or local history or anything else.................quickly!

Sure is nice having that steeple outside my window.............


The site was closed on Memorial Day weekend, so I was surprised to see two guys who pulled up in a project-associated vehicle suddenly appear on the wrong side of a locked gate (first pic). It turns out that they had gained entrance through a..............let's just say "a weak spot in the fence" (second pic).

Click! Click!.............and sent to the boss, who, um, took care of things.

(Company name removed from truck to protect the not-so-innocent)




My apartment is 7 floors up. These two pictures were taken from my apartment's roof - 8 floors up - where I can still see a little bit of river...............but that won't last for long.


Don't know what this piping (?) is for, but it's an image I haven't seen here before.


Three more floors were illuminated at night, it had just finished raining, the sky was clearing and you could see the high-rises in Cliffside Park (horizon, center) and the The Modern 1 and 2 in Fort Lee on the left horizon.


Another load of wood arrives because they've still got to build three more floors on the Main St side. After that wood was stacked, I went for a walk and took one of my favorite shots from this project: the stacked wood leading to what it will become - stacked floors.


Not sure what the red stuff is..........cables? piping? Twizzlers?'s a new visual. I wonder what dance the guy's doing in the second pic - odds are it isn't the Safety Dance. In the third pic, I found that there's still the slightest bit of river view left from my living room.


Took a walk to see if anything had been built yet on the Main St side. I had seen a that a crane had been doing something from my apartment, but it had only brought up third floor components, so I drove over to Teaneck to see what the project looked like from Terhune Park. You can just barely see some of my building with its two chimneys.

Click to enlarge.

I was trying to figure out why I didn't see any Ospreys on Memorial Day.

It turns out that the new rusty cage on top of 210 Main caught one the day least at first glance it did.

I was driving west on Central Ave and noticed a big crane on Second St by the RR overpass. I drove around the block to go back and get a better look. I talked to the officer blocking Second and he said it was tree-trimming that the RR requested.

1. What I initially saw

2. Some of the tree getting mulched

3. The man in the tree lopping off a huge branch that's already attached to the crane.

4. That same branch hanging in the air, waiting to become sawdust.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Videos / Hackensack Swim Club for the little ones 6-3-19
« on: June 03, 2019, 03:23:21 PM »

1. If you got the Nixle notice Saturday, you knew something was up in that vicinity.

2. This poster from Bogota's site gives the why, when and where (there's only one firework?)

3. You may recognize the top of the building on the SE corner of Main and Passaic in the first fireworks picture.

Click to enlarge (some of them).

One Sunday morning in 2007, I looked out my window at the river and saw a couple of people in it. Since where they were was almost a half-mile away, I went to my big, full-size VHS camcorder with monster 500mm lens to check it out. It turns out that 3 people on personal watercraft never bothered to check out tide charts and were stuck on shallow sandbars that had been little islands that reflected the sun an hour earlier.

The video was shaky and unedited, but had some funny parts (like the woman trying to walk in the water), but eventually, all people and craft escaped.

In 2016, I dug it out and managed to transfer it to DVD with a VCR/DVD recorder, which did NOT enhance the video quality. I just wanted to get it on YouTube, but YouTube wouldn't accept it because it was over 15 minutes long (by less than 30 seconds). That had something to do with my YouTube status at the time (not enough videos?).

Anyway, after losing my river view last week, I remembered this vid and gave it another shot on YouTube today. It was accepted! But it gave me about half a dozen notices - most of which had to do its format or some other reason - and it sounded like this attempt was destined for failure too. However, at the very bottom, there were TWO indications of a video loading ("but there's only supposed to be one").

They eventually loaded. One was 15:15 and the other was 0:26, the latter being the happy ending. Whatever. They loaded and played................and it only took me 12 years to accomplish that.

SO.............take a Dramamine pill, check them out and see what you think:

Part 1

Part 2

5-22-19 (7)

- Now you see it, now you don't

- Hey..........get away from my view!

- walkaround

5-23-19 (11) + one from 5/24

This is the day my view was officially stolen, once they put up a window frame on the river (and it was pouring rain in the next two shots - serves them right!). I know I've griped about it enough, but the truth is that when I asked the site boss last year when I would lose my river view, he told me it would happen in December, so I've actually had 5 more months than I expected. Still................

In the below video, I shot that window frame/wall piece that was being installed and, in the end, the weather gods voiced their opinion on my behalf. Thanks, WGs.

Click to enlarge.

5-18-19 (5)

- Early morning sunlight illuminates (right to left): 389 Main St, 7 E.Ward St, River St car dealer balloons (adds a nice touch, don't you think?)

- Street reach of 5th-floor flooring

- State St protection for the flooring delivery

- a piece of 5th-floor flooring

-  Man, they're just nibbling my view to death, aren't they?

5-19-19 (2)

- view across Passaic St from Parisian Beauty parking lot

- Over-the-fence STITCH

5-20-19 (3)

- removing tape backing

- Lunch!

5-21-19 (10)

- some walkaround

- truck containing the 5th-floor wood walls that will completely knock out my river view (I was thinking of hijacking it)

- The last 2 are STITCHES (@Ward and State, on Main looking up Ward)

Click to enlarge.

5-14-19 (4)

- last 2: dismantling scaffolding

5-15-19 (3)

- middle-of-the-night State St scene

- one more floor to go until I lose my river view

5-16-19 (6)

- long brush scrubs out stairwell (yeah, right)

- I think they're trying to slowly get me used to the idea of losing the river view

- STITCH - spacing for 5th floor

- a sunset scene

5-17-19 (5)

- walkaround

Click to enlarge.

It was so nice out yesterday morning that I went out on my roof to read the paper and to see if any Ospreys were taking off from Teterboro for local holiday activities. Surprisingly, I didn't see a single one. But I DID see a lot of private jets take off and head north right over me, including one that seemed to be following the instructions of the First Presbyterian Church's directional indicator.

These were taken between 9-10:30am. There were a lot more takeoffs, but these were the half-dozen that I got.

Click to enlarge.

Only one "5" this time - probably because the paper was too busy doing other important stuff, like writing dopey "reacts" captions on every other sports picture and and featuring the same article on the Opinion page twice within a three-day period.

Click to enlarge.

Like the swallows in Capistrano in March, Memorial Day weekend once again welcomes two of our favorite birds - whirlybirds and 0spreys.

I took the first picture (actually 3 pictures) yesterday and the second one today.

Keep an ear out for low-sounding Osprey engines over the weekend. I don't have to tell you what helicopters sound like.

Click to enlarge.

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