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Continuing August..........


Dump-BANG! Dump-BANG! Hackensack, NJ, 8-27-19

Load of broken sidewalks, Part II

Hackensack, NJ, 8-30-19



1,2. Truck stuff

3. Work at Main and E. Ward


4. I was gonna say something about a wood stapler, but I won't.


5. Digging up the sidewalks on the NW corner of Main and Ward

6,7. The truck from yesterday on the job and back in the storage lot


8,9. Hauling wood and dumping stone


10. Adding to the pile


11,12. The regular still and the "...broken sidewalks..." video still

13, 14. The NW corner of Main and Ward

15, 16. More storage area activity

(I hope this wraps up's kind of boring.)

Click to enlarge the stills.

As usual, most of this "sidewalk" imagery is of the storage area - a block away from the actual sidewalk work on Main St (though there IS some of that mixed in).

The videos from four different days:

How to park your Bobcat in a small space (move the cones!)

Hackensack, NJ, Municipal "E" lot, 7-24-19

Hosing your cement mixer (Hackensack, NJ, 8-1-19)

Loading the Cat on the flatbed (Hackensack, NJ, 8-8-19)

Load of broken sidewalks (Hackensack, NJ, 8-10-19)



1. This is the still I made for the "...park your Bobcat..." video thumbnail.


2,3. Making sure the Bobcat doesn't fall off the flatbed.


4. They put some dirt in the handicap space?


5. They put a LOT of dirt in the handicap space!

6. Somebody finally realizes that maybe this is not the right thing to do...........and it only took four days to figure that out.


7. The "Hosing your cement mixer" thumbnail still.


8. This stayed there until September 10.

9. East side of Main St, just south of E. Ward


10,11. Time to move the Bobcat to its next job.


12. How long before this area is used as a municipal parking lot once again?

13, 14. How to move whatever-they-ares


15. Working just north of E. Ward St, after........

16. ........finishing just south of E. Ward.


17. Giant intestines get tossed.

18. I thought a giant sofa was getting dumped/pulled off a truck.

19. The "Loading the Cat" video still


20. The "Load of broken sidewalks" video still

Click to enlarge the stills.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: September 10, 2019, 11:59:55 AM »
5 Fives and 5+5+5 Flubs

Click to enlarge:


1,2. Bricks: onward and upward

3. This is when I wish my unit was 3 or 4 stories taller so I could try to figure out what he's doing.

4. (STITCH) First floor: red brick.............second floor: RED STICK

5. More cars with interesting tops/hoods/etc.


6,7,8. Lunchtime

9,10. A little redder + Resisto Red backing flapping in the breeze

11. No clue

12. Second floor brickwork


13. I thought it was some sort of mirror, but it appears to be a roof hatch cover.

14. Lifeline keeps him from being part of Main St.

15. Whatever it is, it's the first one I've seen on the roof.

16. It looks like someone lost a contact lens.

17. Getting ready to start laying brick on the Ward St side


18. Laying brick on Ward St. This was not an easy shot to see (or to time) without binoculars from a block away through a chain link fence to get both brick and trowel.

19. Not sure, but he might have been praying to either the trees of Teaneck or the high-rises of Cliffside Park before climbing down.

And - as I must mention from time to time - all photos and text are ęBob Leafe. (if a question mark shows up before my name - as it does on my browser - it's a copyright symbol)

Click to enlarge.

8-30-19 (remainder)

1. First day of brickwork and the Fraco mast-climbing scaffold ready for second-floor work

2,3. Full building and closeup shots on the first night that I can't see through the first-floor window openings


4. 8-31 roof toss and 9-1 collection of roof tosses

5. The blue Genie arrives.

6. Window work has altered the angle of reflection of the building in the next image. I think it's an improvement.


7. This building is about 3 clocks away on River St.

8. The Ward St side of 389 Main, the First Presbyterian Church and a plane coming into Teterboro Airport

9-20. Another walkaround

Click to enlarge.


1-4. Each day has similar shots that I've mixed for comparative reasons.


5. The company whose name is stuck on every window

6,7,8.  7 explains 6.

9,10. Creators of the Crimson Corner

8-30-19 (partial............continued in next post)

11. Brickwork begins.

12,13. The Crimson Half-Corner

14. I'm starting to like this as a red building. It might become the most distinctive building in town if it stayed that way

15. This man is facing the sun, which is reflecting off the section of building behind him, painting both man and machinery as red as that roll of Resisto he's carrying.

16. More brickwork on the State St side

17. Here's a sight you don't see every day.................or ever.

18. Brick dust

19. This stitch was taken toward the end of the first day of brickwork.

20. STRANGEST SHOT OF THE DAY: During my walkaround, as I approached the site while walking north on State St from Passaic St, I saw this on the dashboard of the first vehicle parked on State after the site entrance. There was no one in the vehicle and no one around........and I was TEMPTED, but...................

Click to enlarge.

Still had no idea when the pedestrian bridge would reopen, so I checked it out on the 24th (closed) and 31st (open).


1,2.  Still closed, shot through the fence

3. Side view

4. There was some sort of orientation for new students (I think) on the Teaneck side. After checking out 8-24-19 on the FDU site, I found this:

"Date: Saturday, August 24, 2019

All new students and their families are cordially invited to participate in the Procession and the Illumination Ceremony on the Metropolitan Campus, an FDU tradition to welcome our new students.

The Procession will begin in front of the Student Union Building, wind through campus, and across the FDU footbridge to symbolize our new students crossing into the start of their college careers."

Could be a slight problem, considering that the bridge was still closed that day.


5. Open!

6,7.  The eastbound walk across

8-12. Westbound

13. Had to turn around to check out the #24 Clippers jersey that just strolled past me................yep, early-90s Seton Hall star Terry Dehere, who played for the Clips in the mid-90s.

14. Another side view.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: September 02, 2019, 03:37:34 PM »
What a mess The Record's been this Labor Day Weekend - ESPECIALLY the sports section! It only took 3 days to gather the same number of flubs that I usually find in a week-and-a-half (which, in itself, is extremely sloppy to begin with).

Saturday, August 31 - Sunday, September 1 - Monday, September 2, 2019

1,2. After the Five (the first of two), we start off with a big NON-SPORTS error from yesterday. I placed it here because it's a two-parter that ended today (8/31).

Everything else is sequential and the publish dates are below each image.

The last four images feature a familiar theme.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: September 02, 2019, 11:47:11 AM »
Because of the 20-image limit per post, I usually post these when I've accumulated 18-20 of them. This one's slightly short of that because of the absolute flub flood that has occurred in the last 3 days that will follow this post later today.

Labor Day, indeed!

Click to enlarge.

I heard a lot of metallic moaning and groaning on August 26, 2019, and realized that it was coming from the 389 Main project - specifically, the building-wide, 5-story Fraco mast-climbing scaffold on the State St side of the project. It had been making its way down from the 5th floor with snail-like speed and I thought I should get video of this unusual sight. If I edit out all the time it stopped, it might be a speedy little vid that someone might actually want to watch.

I thought wrong.

By the time I finally got the camera and tripod set up and hit "REC", it was already down to the 4th floor. Did I miss my chance for YouTube glory?

Even after squeezing out as much dead air as I could, it still runs almost 10 minutes, so if you've got something else to do..............ANYTHING! it.


1-5. Stills shot during the creation/raising of one of the masts

6. A framed shot of a worker watching the mast work below

7. The red you see inside the widow is from a section of the project across the courtyard from this apartment.

8. As unhappy as I was about this building blocking my view, I wish they built it just a teeny bit taller to keep the blazing Foschini Park field lights out of my living room.


9. "June 10"? Maybe next year.

10. Life goes on on both sides of State St

11. Another part of a mast is put together.

12. Street side view of the Fraco mast-climbing scaffold. The entire platform moved to the top of the building by climbing the 3 masts (2 of which appear to be together from this angle).

13. Red has hit the Main St side and the Main & Ward topper is in place.

14. So here's the completed Fraco mast-climbing scaffold after the huge building-wide platform traveled up the 3 masts - each with its own motor - to the top floor. So what does it do? Sez the boss: "Guys are going to start brick work. They can put like 25 guys laying brick and move right up the building with that scaffold. They start bottom up." In reply to another question: "No idea what that monster weighs. Has to be a couple of tons."


15. Essentially the same as the previous shot, this was taken the next day when the sun was an an angle that caused the platform to cast a shadow across the entire 4th floor.

16,17. Carrying materials on the roof. #17 looks like the guys are headed for the Modern 1 and 2 towers in Fort Lee...............or maybe just to the houses in Teaneck.

18. Does that say "Genie" or "Ganja" on the side? Looks like a big bong.

19. This stitch shows most of the scaffold's platform, what's on the roof, the Modern 1 & 2 in Fort Lee and some of the high-rises in Cliffside Park.


20. I thought the mast's motor fell out, but I'm told it's a small masonry wet saw for cutting brick.

Click to enlarge.


1. Up on the roof

2. Spreadin' the red (with the help of a third pair of hands up top)

3. The view from Passaic St

4. More red on Ward

5. I think this is backing for the rolls of red.


6. Early this Monday morning, I got an email from the site super asking me if I happened to see or get any shots of unauthorized people on the site: "Our site got robbed and all the trades tools were taken from their lock gang boxes." Unfortunately, I didn't see anything. Even more unfortunately, it happened again two days later.

7,8,9,10. Construction of the Fraco mast-climbing scaffold begins.

11. This is the interesting-looking window I referred to in the previous post and also in the July 26 post. And I was right about it being a reflection from a liquor store on River St. Buy-Rite Liquors has a big red sign with yellow letters and I'm pretty sure that's what you see in that left window.


12,13,14,15. Another walkaround with cranes and creeping red. The truck in #14 is carrying rolls of white rubber roofing material - one of which you will see in an 8-23 video being carried in the rain on the roof.

16,17. Roof deposit and roof lunch

18. Nailing traffic cones to the street

19,20. More prep work for the Fraco mast-climbing scaffold

Click to enlarge.


1. At  sunset, the building seems to make EVERYTHING red - even the clouds!


2. Almost the same shot as the one at the end of the previous post, but in this one, the tubes have caps (big deal, right?)

3. No comment other than "Really?".

4. The building is looking pretty formidable now.

5. The full shape of the Main St side is almost complete.


6. Roof work and almost-roof work.

7. That's some crane!

8. One little box


9. Three little boxes

10. Four little boxes

11. Four-and-a-half little boxes (four with sides)

12. Five-and-a-half little boxes (four with a roof)

13. Five-and-a-half little boxes (ALL with a roof)

14. Drinking and driving (the wrong way) on State St in a five-window convertible.


15. There's something upcoming called a Fraco mast climbing scaffold that these will be a part of.

16,17. This man is on the roof, right on the corner of Main and Ward - inches from death - and decides to swing a sledgehammer with his rear end hanging over Main St.

18. These guys are working one floor below a very interesting-looking window that I will show a bit further down the line.

19. Moon over Main

Click to enlarge.


1. The red starts creeping around onto the Ward St side.

2,3,4. Some pipe stuff I happened to notice on a walkaround.

5. Young and old workers: time to stretch


6. It's hard to catch two shovelsful of dirt in the air from a block away, 7 floors up and with a million wires in the way. I came close.

7. Yes - there's a street between the old brick building and the new one.

8. Yet another red-roofed car, courtesy of 389 Main.


9-14. Except for the last one, all were found on another walkaround.


15. When asked about this shot, the site superintendent said that this is the new construction drone.


16-20. More walkarounds are necessary because not much is going on on the State St side. As for all the pipes shots, here's what the site super had to say: "All those pipes will have the permanent power to the building. The power will come off that pole on State St., travel underground in pipes into site and make a right turn to a transformer in the back right hand corner. Then from transformer underground into the building basement under the electrical room. Then holes are cored out of concrete floor so the wires can be brought up thru floor into the electrical room above."

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: August 19, 2019, 02:55:01 PM »
Chapter 346 of Fives and Flubzzzzzz (geez - even I'M falling asleep looking at these):

Click if you feel like it.

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