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Stuff accumulates on my desktop during the year. Today is one of many cleaning days.

1, 2. Why workers wear hard hats (protection from flying bird poop)

3. Two projects, two banks and a courthouse. Wells Fargo REALLY needs to get rid of all that unsightly cell equipment.

4. Preparing for two-way traffic at Main and Passaic

5. Lotsuckers

6. When the first 200 feet or so of State St was closed one morning last week because of construction equipment and a small water company dig, all traffic was diverted to Ward St. It was pretty slow-going trying to turn onto busy Union St, but some truck drivers were smart enough navigate the E lot to turn back onto State St and continue their journey.

7. The Riviera Lounge must have HUGE expansion plans...............look at their new parking garage!

8. Another gift from StarKist tuna - I didn't know they had a crunchy version.

9. I could see these architectural delights atop the building at Passaic and Prospect from my apartment (I know they have a name, but I just can't think of it).

10. Looking one block past Passaic and Prospect, this shows the same picture as the previous one, including the foliage with the hole in it ("holiage"?), the Watchung Mountains valley (including Garret Mountain in Paterson), and the triple-cross on the Methodist church at Summit and Passaic.......................but with a much cooler-looking sky.

11, 12. These two across-the-street-from-each-other images were taken on E. Ward St between Main and River. (#11) I'm guessing someone traded in their truck for a motorcycle? (#12) It's just too weird-looking to make up a story for.

13 - UPDATE! - Here's the finished product: doors that appear to open only from the inside. That means the original garage door must be boring!

14. Attention all you sign demanders! The wait is over, according to the new sign on top of the former Geri's. Now what happens?

15. This is another of those "Photos I'll never be able to take again" shots. After January or so, the 389 Main 5-story residential monstrosity being built will completely block my 30-year view of the Kipp's Bend section of the river and any boats on its surface. On the plus side..............

16..............I'll still be able to see The Modern I & II in Fort Lee, but because 389 Main's 5th-floor tenants will need to use the elevator, an elevator room will have to be built on the roof and with my luck, it'll block these towers.

Click to enlarge and stay tuned.

Since I've photographed the 389 Main site in sunlight, darkness, rain and snow, I decided that I wanted to get a shot of it illuminated by lightning. Sunday night's rain/lightning storm gave me that opportunity.

Since it's not easy to guess when lightning's about to go off and shoot stills, I took the simple way out and just shot video of the dark site. After a few flashes - one of which I thought would make a killer shot - I pulled stills from the video. When I found the "good" one, I also pulled a dark still from one-tenth of a second before the lightning for the "before" shot.

Here are the results:

1. The before shot

2. The "sort-of-what-I-was-hoping-to-get" shot

3. What I actually got

Not exactly blinding, but it's my first attempt.

I'll learn.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Arthur Godfrey's "Teterboro Tower" 45rpm record
« on: October 03, 2018, 03:40:54 PM »
Just found my old "Teterboro Tower" 45 by Arthur Godfrey (the Recordvelope sleeve is not the original). This was a real incident that took place at Teterboro Airport in 1954.

From Wikipedia:

In January 1954, Godfrey buzzed the control tower of Teterboro Airport. His certificate was suspended for six months. Godfrey claimed the windy conditions that day required him to turn immediately after takeoff, but in fact he was peeved with the tower because they would not give him the runway he requested. He later recorded a satirical song about the incident, "Teterboro Tower," roughly to the tune of "Wabash Cannonball".

The song:

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: October 02, 2018, 02:02:07 PM »
FIVES & FLUBS (continued):

Click to enlarge:


1. At the site: on the right is Max Dorne, Director of Development for Claremont Companies (site clearers/buiders) with bankers.

2. The 80-ton crane heads down State St.


3,4. We've seen these guys before - taking pictures of each other and spray-painting graffiti on the jobs!

5. Trucks line up to dump dirt. Red is backing down to dump and blue is waiting for him to finish and leave so he can do the same.

6. 300 loads were needed to raise the floor 11 feet. The video shows a few of them.


7. Saturday morning. No one was around and then I saw this guy climbing a wall, tiptoe-ing through the tulips and then just hanging out. Turns out he was talking to another worker who was behind a wall.


8. Flattening out the dirt

9. Workers peel paper from the sticky side of anti-moisture wall liner - kinda like wallpaper.

10. Sub-standard fill that was too sandy for good compaction with the roller gets scraped up to be sent back.

11,12. Eight truckloads of that fill were returned.


13,14,15. The rain just got worse as the day went on.


16. Still too wet to get any work done


17,18,19. Twice a year - from my view - the sun strongly reflects off the river. Sometimes it's blindingly bright, but mostly it's a gorgeous sea of a zillion shimmering sparkles. It's so bright that you really have to limit the exposure, so the rest of the picture is dark. It occurs next in April, but I'm told my river view will disappear probably in December or January, so, unfortunately, this is it after 30 years. And after looking at the real thing, the pictures are comparatively dull.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: The Ling is listing...
« on: September 28, 2018, 11:11:31 AM »
There's been a slight change to that story.

Click to enlarge:

This post contains 15 images - 12 of whch are from the Current on River project. The other 3 are oh-by-the-way-the-Moore-Street-project-is-practically-next-door images, so let's do those first:

1-3. Not to sound dismissive or anything, but since I parked on Moore south of Salem, I had to walk north on Moore to get to Current on River and these 3 shots were readily available, so.....................

4. The reason I went to Current was because of this shot I took from home earlier that morning. Oh, no - were more floors being added? I needed to speak with someone there.

5. After my long hike of a whole block, crooked Current was in my sights (I could straighten it out a bit, but then I'd lose the top of the crane - it's bad either way).

6. A different, closer angle of what I had seen earlier from my living room

7-13. My usual clockwise shoot around the site. By the way, in #10, southbound traffic on River St is being stopped temporarily while a large vehicle utilizes the street to get from one part of the building to another. The is one of the reasons why there have been delays for the last few weeks for southbound traffic there.

14. Construction fever has spread across E. Berry St to the east entrance of the Giant Farmers Market, as seen in this 2-photo stitch. In the sequence of events, this should actually follow #8.

15. The last thing I usually do here is a 3-photo stitch of the SW corner of the site, standing on E. Camden St near the side of the library. The two gentlemen in the hard hats confirmed that what you see here is, indeed, the top floor of the building, so there should be no more loss of view from my apartment - at least from this project.

Click to enlarge:

I took these last week along the river walkway on the north and east sides of Costco:

1. Anyone for water tennis?

2-4.  These were taken right next to the fence opening that leads to the small pier where I shot the Hess tanks and do photostitches. I appreciate the gesture, but they're not my size or style (though I DO like the composition of the sneaker tree shot).

5,6, On the eastern side, a choice of comfort levels is offered: bare-bones double or comfy single.

7. Interesting municipal vehicle - look for it in our next parade.

8. I've posted this broken marker before, but since then, it's grown a flag with a fat red stripe on top.

9-11. From the above-mentioned small pier: a residential project in a perennial Bogota flood zone. Keep an eye on that one!

(related topic:,3049)

Click to enlarge - especially the last one (a photostitch):

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:10:12 AM »
I was surprised when The Record decided to devote 3/4 of the front page of Monday's Better Living section (plus 1/2 of page 3) to - of all things - BAGELS.

I was shocked when they devoted  3/4 of the front page of Tuesday's Better Living section (plus 3/4 of Page 2) to...............BAGELS!

I was ASTOUNDED when they devoted  3/4 of the front page of Wednesday's Better Living section (plus ALL of Page 3) to...............................MORE FRICKIN' BAGELS!!

The Monday and Wednesday articles contained lists of North Jersey's best bagel shops (one listed 10 and the other, 11). Only 5 shops made both lists. That means that each list is at least 50% inaccurate, according to the other list.

This is worse than when they ran multiple articles about hot dogs in the beginning of the summer.

Are they finished? Will I find more of this tomorrow after they've already wasted 4.5 pages of ink in 3 days on boring bagels?

This is "Better Living"?



1. All the heavy concrete blocks got moved to another location on the site.

2. Time to go to another job somewhere

3. Hackensack meets Fort Lee (with Teaneck in the middle)


4. More vertical beams are in place, but my river view remains intact for a little while longer. By the way, I'm told that steel will only go up to the second floor and above that will be all wood.

5. Sun/Beams


6. The night view with some more steel beams up

7. The morning sun shows basement beam work.


8+9. As I understand it, on this level, the Main St side is residential and the State St side is garage. The bottom of #9 - a photostitch - has me a little worried. Sometimes, a stitch can cause bending on the edges. I'm hoping that's the case here.

10+11. Remember this? Since there's now some verticality, it's time to start taking similar shots as the structure rises.

12. Since the next image blocks the beautiful white steeple of the First Presbyterian Church, I wanted to include this shot so that my friend, Steve McClelland - the pastor - knows that there's still a nice view of his steeple from Main least for a little while.

13. This photostitch shows the current morning view of the entire Main St side of the project, as seen from E. Ward St.

14. This stitch shows such a great view of my neighborhood. It's s shame that it won't be visible from this Main St vantage point anymore (of course, it wasn't visible until about 8 months ago, so that's one reason I'm shooting what I can while it's still there).

15. For all you Sears freaks................

16+17. Site sights

18. This is where those heavy blocks were moved to. BTW - "CBH Care" (Comprehensive Behavioral Health Care) was the largest group affected by the change. They occupied most of the largest demolished building - the yellow-brick one that wrapped around Main, Ward, and State streets. The frames behind the blocks pop up in the next picture.

19. How nice of the construction company to leave these frames here for me to shoot through. There's usually something different left behind the frames every week for me to shoot.

Click to enlarge images. Clicking the photostitches usually enlarges them to a point where you will have to scroll from left to right to view the whole picture.

And, of course, all images and text in Parts 1 and 2 (and everywhere else) are ęBob Leafe.


1. The night view with some steel beams up


2. The site, haze, 80-ton crane, fire trucks across Main St

3. The crane operator appears to have heavy steel beams hanging overhead and weighty concrete blocks underfoot - not a good place to be in a 2-dimensional world.

4. Basement beam-connecting



5. From home: the concrete pumper truck and its ridiculously-long arm is being fed by a constant stream of cement mixer trucks.

6. The pumper's flexible arm is being manipulated to spread concrete on the yellow floor liner, but the most interesting part is the guy in the red shirt, who is controlling the crane via his pouch.

7. This small photostitch shows the Ward St view of the mostly-covered cement floor.

8. The view from Main St

9. Cement closeup

10. It looks like fun, but I hope this guy didn't wait there too long.

11. The last floor section and probably the last cement mixer truck

12. Cement closer-up

13. I like this shot not only because of the super-long handle, but the steel beam vaguely resembles a guitar neck.

14. The crew takes a break.............probably waiiting for the new cement mixer truck to get hooked up to the pumper. They're at the far southern end of the site and I'm on Ward St, at the far northern end.

15. The site engineer on a very precarious-looking perch

16. This looks like a fun ride at an amusement park (The Flying Fan?), but it's actually a motorized troweling machine - used to finish off concrete slabs.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Five To One
« on: September 17, 2018, 04:04:37 PM »
People are strange.

It IS an egret - in fact, it's a Great Egret.

Cranes are almost never seen around here.

1. Steel beams, a huge crane, concrete walls, giant blocks...............

2. I see something else. I have to start wondering if it's the last time I'm going to be fortunate enough to see another egret from home.

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