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I got to photograph Charlie 3 times: at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic in 1979, at the Savoy in Manhattan in 1982 (as part of a "Carmine Appice & Friends" show, where the below picture was taken), and in Champaign, IL, in 1985 at the first Farm Aid Benefit Concert.

Always a great show................

Usually, I'm shooting fireworks for about a week leading up to the 4th and sometimes beyond, so it feels a little weird to be doing almost nothing in that regard..................but EVERYTHING is weird this year, so you roll with it.

Of course, Hackensack's fireworks got Corona-cancelled, but some thoughtful neighbor put on a short show in the municipal parking lot behind me on 7/3. I caught the end of it and combined that video with the 7/4 Empire State one.

On the 4th, I managed to get a few shots from home, courtesy of some local - and probably-unlicensed - pyrotechnicians. The images with the full moon were probably in Teaneck, while the others were most likely in Hackensack.

I wanted to see if I could capture the ones going off on 7/4 on the Empire State Building on video, but it was pretty hazy and not easy to see the ESB from 10-12 miles away. I may have zoomed in a bit too much - over 42x is not recommended and this was 51x - and it was difficult to maintain a focus, but at least I got something:

Click to enlarge the horizontal ones:

I was glued to my window and my binoculars for 45 minutes and saw absolutely nothing. I've seen video that shows the planes went by the GWB, so unless they flew under the bridge, I have no idea why I didn't see a single thing.

If anyone got any pictures of the event, please post them.

Hackensack Videos / July 1, 2020's bright and sunny downpour
« on: July 02, 2020, 01:30:00 PM »
Can this year get any weirder?

How they'll caption this year:

"19 totally kicked 20's butt!"

But negatively prophetic for Sears............

It's a two-photo stitch.

Click to enlarge

Hackensack Discussion / Congraduations!
« on: June 26, 2020, 04:14:02 PM »
1. Union St

2. Ward St

3. Main St

Click to enlarge.


1. Tree truck

2. Gonna need cement sidewalks around the building to plant them in

3. Door chores


4. Whatever it is, I hope it's supposed to be slightly bent.

5. Quadro-cleaned


6. Building at half-masked


7. Garage finally has a cement floor

8. What sidewalk?

9. Another front door at Main and Ward

10-12. New trees on State, Ward and Main

13,14. Big building has its own moon.


15,16. Tree support


17,18. New sidewalks


19. A heavy cross to bear

20. Getting rid of the old sidewalks

Click to enlarge

On Wednesday morning, a second crane was visible at the 150-170 Main site. It must have been a changing of the guard, because by Wednesday afternoon, only the newcomer was seen.

After that.............nada.

Click to enlarge.


1,2. No masks?

3,4. Oh, I get it - it's a room-sized mask!


5. It looks like the phone company lassoed a bear in the tree.

6. Reinforcements

7. The accommodations

8. Almost a shower at the Y


9. Unusual shape for a construction site delivery.............what could it be?

10. It's a tree-truck!

11. Unloading the first one..........

12, 13. It's the room-masking guys again - this time, wearing masks to protect their necks.


14. Ugly lamps on the lower floor


15. Uh-oh.....those lights weren't there yesterday. Still awaiting word on whether they're temporary or not.......... (they better not be!).


16-20.  Four shots from a walk around the building and one from home

Click to enlarge.

I understand that Hackensack had COVID-19 testing in the HHS parking lot today.

I hope they had a better turnout than what I saw at Bergen Regional at 10:25am on May 29:

Click to enlarge.

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