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Seller's description:

Early 19th century incomplete draft of John J. Hopper last will & testament, "  . . of the County of Bergen in the State of New Jersey . . . "

Manuscript in brownish ink on single page totaling one and one-half pages of writing. After introductory comments on the soundness of his mind and memory John Hopper writes " . . . First I devise and bequeath to my two sons Albert and Jacob and to their heirs and assigns forever  . . . all my land . . . and to my son John and to my six daughters Cornelia, Alice, Catherine, Elizabeth, Maria and Jane to each the sum of one thousand dollars New York Currency to be paid by my two sons Albert and Jacob . . . . " . The thousand dollars each is stipulated to be paid in installments over a number of years. John Hopper then instructs his two sons to " . . . support and pay the expenses of my son John (perhaps from a seperate marriage) at college and in his professional studies until he arrives at the age of twenty one . . . ".

The will then requires that Albert and Jacob will  " . . . bring up and support my three youngest daughters Elizabeth, Maria and Jane until they become of age . . . ".  Mr Hopper then bequeaths to his wife seven hundred dollars and that she be able to live in their dwelling house and  "possess two rooms . . . and that my movable estate be equally divided by my nine Children, Cornelia, Alice, Catherine, Albert, Jacob, John, Elizabeth, Maria and Jane. The draft of the will ends at this point.

Condition and measurements : Approximately 7-7/8" by 12-3/8". Age-toning, staining here and there, some partial seperations to fold areas, a few inconsequential  missing areas ; top left corner, small section of edge, minor hole in fold area. My pictures accurately reflect the overall condition. Written in later pencil on blank section of back " Draft of will of John J. Hopper"

My pictures include copies of early newspaper articles about the Hopper house in Hackensack. Copies of these will be provoded to the buyers of any of the documents I have listed if desired. This document and others listed were found under attic floorboards in the Hopper house in the mid-20th century.

Special note : With time permitting  I will be listing this week the complete 4 page will of Garrett Hoppe(r). I will also be listing more receipts related to Jacob Hopper as one of the overseers of the Poor in New Barbadoes ( Hackensack). These receipts are from the early 1770's and regard Jacob Hopper's payments to women who took in poor orpahn children.

Like the Last Will auction, seller offers 12 images. Since I can only post 10, I will omit the duplicate newspaper article images that I included in the Last Will post. I have not altered any images.


very interesting.  The implication is that Hackensack and Passaic are both modern places, and symbols of progress and technology.  What year is the drawing ?

With that description, you'd have to go back 40 years for the answer (below).

Other than that, you'd have to ask the seller - the auction doesn't say.



There's no real historical interest here, but the sign made me think: where exactly would you have to be in Bergen County for the directional arrows to (almost) make sense?

Ignoring "Yesteryear", all I could come up with was Kinderkamack Rd in River Edge heading south.

I don't know where "Yesteryear" would go to..............Paterson, maybe?



Seller's description:

Goblet from Hackensack NJ circa 1916 Bergen County Poultry Association of New Jersey, Inc.  Stands about 5 1/2 inches tall.  In good shape but shows 4 small spots on the rim as if it had two handles at one time.

You drink from a goblet. If this had "two handles at one time", wouldn't that make it a trophy/prize cup of some sort that you DON'T drink from?

"And the prize for the best mother clucker goes to............"


Hackensack Discussion / The 40th Anniversary of Woodstock (August 15-17)
« on: August 14, 2009, 11:07:57 PM » the morning of the 18th (Jimi!).

So did anyone else on this board go to Woodstock? I know I can't be the only one.

Always thinking historically, I bagged my muddy sandals the minute I got home and took the below picture 20 years later. They're still bagged.

Any other recollections, pictures, etc., out there? Any stories from your parents? Any I-almost-went, I-didn't-make-it-because-we-got-lost or I-wasn't-born-yet stories from wannabe-attendees?

This is the weekend to do it.



Seller's description:

Two Pre-Revolutionary receipt documents from the Hopper family of New Barbadoes (Hackensack) to Elizabeth Dempsey for taking in an orphan child.

Manuscript documents on 18th century rag paper, both in brownish ink.

1) Reads :  "New Barbadoes, Aug. 20th 1772, Received of Mr. Jacob Hopper one of the Overseers of the Poor for the Precinct of New Barbadoes the sum of forty three shillings and nine Pence in full for the maintenance of an Orphan Child from May the 20th last to Augt. 20th inst.                by Elizabeth Dempsey  her mark"  (with cross in between to signify her signature).

Some staining on the left side of receipt, no tears or missing areas. Paper is still supple. Ink is strong and very readable. Measures approximately 4" by 7-3/4".

2) Reads :  "Hackensack June 1st 1771 Received of Mr. Jacob Hopper one of the poor master of the precinct of New Barbadoes the sum of ten shillings being in part of the yearly Sallary (sic) for maintaining a poor Orphan Child by me.     Entd. Elisbet Dempsey  her mark  (with cross in between signifying her signature).

Age toning and staining in areas, no tears or missing areas. Ink is readable, yet has faded. Measures approximately 2-5/8" by 8-1/8". Paper is still supple.

The Hopper family were early settlers in New Barbadoes (Hackensack), New Jersey. See my picture in this listing regarding some of their history. Some documents, including these two, were discovered in the mid-20th century under floorboards in the attic of the old Hopper house which by then had become a restaurant. Elizabeth Dempsey was likely a widow or unmarried woman who took in orphan children as an income producing measure. The receipts are in one hand with Elizabeth's signature a simple cross, indicating she did not write. These are scarce 18th century receipts from a part of New Jersey that saw early settlement.

There are 8 images posted with this auction - I've provided 5 here, so go to the auction to see all 8.



Seller wrote "1912" in title and "1918" (postmark) in the description. It might be a 1912 image, but seller doesn't explain why he wrote that year.


Hello, Warren, and welcome to the site.

You're both right. Mom DID write that in her book, but I was in the new school for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and graduated in 1961, so I would have had to have started 5th grade in 1957.

Mom was obviously referring to the school year and not the initial opening of the school in her 1958 entry.

Good catch.



Seller's description:

This is in good condition except for some chips around the edges, as shown. It measures 4 1/4" x 4 1/4". Please look closely at my photos for details.

"...good condition except for some chips..."? Look at the pictures! You could bleed to death trying to handle this thing!



Seller's description:

This is a photograph printed using an original negative of the Erie Railroad’s (former New Jersey & New York RR) Anderson Street Station in Hackensack, New Jersey.  This building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in New Jersey on June 22, 1984.  Unfortunately, this building was destroyed by fire on January 10, 2009.  This photograph was taken circa 1960.

This is a glossy Black & White enlargement using an original negative, produced on either medium weight 8x10 RC photographic paper or 8x10 single weight fiber base gloss paper, professionally printed photo-chemically (not digitally scanned).



Seller's description:

* Unique pitcher is 8.5" tall
* There is a black print of The Hackensack 1860 on one side of the pitcher.
* This item is heavy glass in great condition, from an auction, with no chips, cracks or crazing.  There is some minimal fading of the print.
* The opening is approximately 3.5" wide

The pitcher itself, of course, is NOT from 1860. I asked the seller and she guessed that it's from after 1960.



Seller's Description:

For auction is a 1940's Hackensack NJ Street Map. Includes population, trade areas, location, banks, principle industries, colleges and universities, larger departments stores,chain drug stores, chain groceries stories, leading 5&10's and variety stores, tax information, recreation facilities, points of interest and more. These maps have 3 or 4 pages which are 27" x 19". This is not a copy.

It may not be a copy, but it's not unique either. I had one of these and they've been sold on eBay for years - possibly by the same seller. That said, they're pretty cool with LOTS of info about everything in town at the time.


Hackensack Discussion / Weird Accident on State St bet. Ward and Passaic
« on: August 06, 2009, 06:35:43 PM »
As I came home from the supermarket around 3pm today, I noticed lots of cars - even a bus - on Ward St. State St was closed between Ward and Passaic and there were a bunch of emergency vehicles in the vicinity of the "E" municipal parking lot exit on State.

One onlooker told me that a woman in a red Kia smacked into a telephone pole close to Passaic St and somehow wound up in an apartment parking lot about 50' BEHIND her pole position. That lot abuts the "E" lot, where she hit a nice-looking white Volvo. She also knocked down a couple of signs.

Her vehicle wound up in BOTH parking lots and the Volvo was in the "E" lot. I think she was injured. In any event, she wasn't there when I arrived, so I guess an ambulance had already come for her and left.

This is all hearsay - maybe the paper will say something different tomorrow. Nobody on the scene could figure out how this happened.

Picture 1 - the Kia

Picture 2 - the Kia in 2 different parking lots and the Volvo in the "E" lot

Picture 3 - looks like the meter got hit too

Picture 4 - "E" lot signs under the Kia and over the apartment parking lot

Picture 5 - however this happened, "One Way" did not apply

Picture 6 - the tow truck arrives

Picture 7 - I'm not sure which pole was hit - it was either the one that appears to be coming out of the Kia's roof or another one closer to Passaic St (and not visible here)

Picture 8 - the Volvo was parked in the "E" lot and has some Kia lipstick on it



Seller's description:

This is nice vintage black and white printed post card view of the Christ Church, Guild House and Rectory at Hackensack, New Jersey. Bergen County. Wm.. Welles Holle [sic], D.D. Rector since October 1870, Forty years a Priest, S. Andres Day 166-1906. PM Hackensack 1906. Card has undivided back, Good condition with some corner wear and rounding, small amount of light soiling.


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