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Seller's description:

HACKENSACK, NJ rppc Ruins of 2nd Ref Church  New Jersey, NJ real photo postcard titled: Apr 14 '07 Ruins 2nd Ref Church Hackensack, NJ Copyright W K Conrad showing the aftermath of a fire / postmarked Apr 23rd 1907 from Hackensack9 DAYS after the disaster / to Mrs C M S? Bilton? Passais and Prospect Town c/o J B Brooke no note / there is a crease that runs top to bottom just to the right of the photo (in the white)


Seller's description:



Seller's description:

4 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches, "compliments of Tidewater Coal & Supply Co., H.B. Ferber, President, Hackansack, NJ." with 1923 and 1924 calendars. has all sorts of information in front, then date pages. Man went to work for Corbin Sedan Co., and last half filled in with information about how he traveled and how much spent. for example on October 23rd, he went, "Long Island run - about car ferry 60 cents." fascinating.

One of the entries is for Charles Goddard of 15 Linden St - the man who owned the 1908 diary that the same seller has up for auction. 15 Linden is across the street from Comfort Coal. Is there a connection between Tidewater Coal and Comfort Coal?


Seller's description:

free shipping. good condition, edges and corners are rubbed. notebook with 1908 calendar. some filled in. 3 by 4 3/4 inches. leather covered notebook with 1908, 1909 Calendars. this once belonged to Charles Goddard, Hackensack, NJ, under things to be remembered, his American Waltham Watch Co. and its number. This is "the Standard Diary 1908, for sale by all stationers." some Almanac information. date pages, many filled in. "Went over for Mr. Leech, he will walk Home. Howard come home from hunting, 3 rabbits from Lockholm. ??? "someone" was over to Bess for Dinner. (I have trouble reading even the most clear writing from the early 1900s). about 1/3 of the pages are filled in. many are written in pencil and very rubbed.

Charles lived at 15 Linden St.

I'm not sure what River Edge building you're referring to, but my money's on the Swiss Chalet that was on Passaic St in Rochelle Park.



From 2/25/30.

Seller's description:

free shipping. good condition, although some chipping and flaking around edges. 17 by 7 inches, this picture was taken at the "Annual Dinner of Comfort Co-workers at Swiss Chalet, Feb. 25, 1930. taken by Schmidt Studios, Hack. (Hackansack) N.J. nice place for the time. boy they had a lot of employees.


Comfort Coal was located where the Rite-Aid strip is on Anderson St. Its president in the early part of the 20th century was Hiram Blauvelt of the Blauvelt Mansion on Kinderkamack Rd in Oradell. Comfort Coal burned down in a spectacular fire in the 1950s.

Seller's description:

free shipping. good condition, although some chipping and flaking around edges. 16 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches. this is a picture of Comfort Coal-Lumber Co., with their employees and others standing in front of the building. I bet this was the grand opening. you can see cars parked in back of the men - not a woman in sight. it its next to Franklin Used Cars. on back, photo taken by "Schmidt studios, 303 Main street, Hackansack, NJ." there is one slit mid-bottom edge. boy they sold a lot!


OK - so it's Hackensack, Minnesota. Fortunately, we don't have an "attraction" THAT ugly! The seller thinks it's 50s, but it's 60s - it mentions lakes that were stocked in 1961 and 1962. On the back, it says, "All roads lead to Hackensack". How do I know? I bought one on eBay a long time ago (Lucette got to me).

Seller's description:

The Hackensack, Minnesota Resort Area, travel brochure, 1950s(?), map, 12-panel fold-out travel brochure advertsing the resorts in the Hackensack area, a clean, firm, unmarked copy.


Seller's description:

free shipping. good condition. wooden hand carved spear point, souvenir of "Hackensack, NJ. 1904" with primitive carving of man and boy with cowboy hats. almost 6 inches long and 1 1/2 inches at widest part.

It just says "Hackensack". I asked the seller how she knew it was from Hackensack NJ and not Hackensack MN. Her reply:

"this came with a whole lot of other items from a family who lived in Hackensack New jersey, which is why I listed it that way. Perhaps it is from MN, I can only go with the weight of the other items."


Seller's description:

about 8 1/4 inches long, this seems to be a deer antler, carved into a letter opener. flowers carved on one side of blade and on other side, "The Hackensack Trust Company." which is in New Jersey from what I googled.


Seller's description:

free shipping, good condition, pictures are great, several of the pages loosened from the body of the book. 10 by 7 inches and 1 1/2 inches thick. this photograph album is all from a lady who lived in Hackensack, N.J. she wrote commentary about each picture in very clear writing. pictures are from her community, other New Jersey communities, including Toms River - pier, boats, bridges - as well as towns in New York. includes pictures from the death of her grandmother, including her laying out in coffin along with flowers and grave site. her church, organ she played, earliest date in this is "Reflection in a stream, off Little Falls Road, Little Falls, N.J. April 24, 1938. Also pictures of her work place in New York City, trains and ships from New York City, i.e. "The Conte De Savoia coming and going, 12:25, Sept. 24, picture missing, but there are so many other pictures. I wish I could describe them all!

There were lots of other local NJ/NY photos not mentioned in the seller's description (see auction), but I'm only posting the Hackensack church interior and the resident's "mighty organ".

Anyone know which church this might be?


(unfortunately, this auction closes in 3 hours)

Seller's description:

    This item is a wonderful,original document dated 1800, New York, where Richard Varick has signed a pay order for copies of the state laws....5x7, tipped to larger sheet, would frame up nicely

    Richard Varick (March 15, 1753 Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey - July 30, 1831 Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey) was an American lawyer and politician.

    On June 28, 1775 he was appointed Captain of the 1st New York Regiment. He served under General Philip Schuyler in various posts until after the Battle of Saratoga and was then appointed inspector general of West Point.

    At West Point, he became an aide to General Benedict Arnold. Although he was no longer serving in this capacity when Arnold defected to the British, Varick, along with David Franks was arrested, but subsequently cleared by a court of inquiry. After the West Point incident, Varick served under General George Washington as private secretary until the end of the war.

    Varick was a Recorder of New York from 1783 to 1789, and New York State Attorney General from 1788 to 1789. He was Mayor of New York City from 1791 to 1801. Along with Samuel Jones, Varick revised the statutes of New York (1788). He was a member of the New York State Assembly from New York County from 1786 to 1788, and was Speaker in 1787 and 1788. He served as a colonel in the state militia.

    Varick also served as a bank officer. He was a founder and later President (succeeding John Jay) of the American Bible Society. Richard Varick was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati and president of the New York chapter until his death. He was a member and generous contributor to many charitable organizations in New York City.

    At the outbreak of the war, fifteen year old John Bogert was drafted out of the Albany militia to escort British prisoners taken at St. Johns' to Kingston and then on to Pennsylvania. The next year, he was a sailor on his father's sloop, the Magdeline helping transport stores and supplies on the Hudson for the Continental army. In 1777, he took over for his father as skipper. The Magdeline carried companies of soldiers between Albany and Fishkill and hauled provisions, wood, and military stores as well. Later he conducted the wife of a British officer, a French priest, and others to New York under a flag of truce. Bogert's pension application details his services, which continued on the river and on land during the winter thru the end of the war. Although appearing on local muster rolls, this able teenager was valuable enough to be exempted from military service on a number of occasions.

    By the time he came of age at the end of the war, John Bogert was an experienced Hudson River skipper. Living on court Street in his father's first ward household, he began to take part in civic actiities serving as chimney viewer and fireman. Later he would be elected alderman, supervisor, and then chamberlain or treasurer. He retained his milita commission for a number of years.


Seller's description:

Henry Kent Hewitt Typed Letter Signed 1964

One Page, about 8" by 11", Orwell, Vermont, July 24, 1964. About his successful naval career.
Note file holes and folds.

Henry Kent Hewitt (1887-1972) was born in Hackensack, New Jersey on February 11, 1887 and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1906. Hewitt served on USS Missouri in the Great White Fleet's circumnavigation of the globe from 1907-1909. He later taught mathematics at the Naval Academy before commanding the yacht Eagle. During World War I, Hewitt commanded the destroyer USS Cummings and subsequently the USS Indianapolis.

Beginning in 1941, he commanded Atlantic Fleet Task Groups in neutrality patrols and convoys until becoming Commander, Amphibious Force, Atlantic Fleet, in April 1942. This force, also called Task Force 34, became the U.S. component of the Operation Torch landings in November 1942. Hewitt was then assigned as Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Northwest Africa Waters or COMNAVNAW. (Sean Maloney, To Secure Command of the Sea, thesis, 1991, p.25)

Hewitt remained in this post until 1945, when he chaired a Pearl Harbor investigation.

Following World War II, he commanded U.S. Naval Forces Europe, advised the Naval War College, and served as a Navy representative to the United Nations. Hewitt retired from active duty in 1949.

USS Hewitt was named in his honor.

This autograph is guaranteed with a 100% money-back guarantee of authenticity. It is from the personal collection of one of the owners of the Autograph Alcove, a former manuscript dealership in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This dealership is praised in early editions of the Sander's Price Guide to Autographs.


Seller's description:

Emile Stange (1863-1943) original landscape oil painting on canvas. Signed and dated in ink on back "Emile Stange, 27 (1927)". Very good condition, no chipping or paint loss. Measures 11 1/2 X 14 inches. This painting is on canvas and was painted as is as you can see the thumb tack holes on each corner. Emile Stange 1863-1943. Birth place Jersey City New Jersey, lived Hoboken, New Jersey 1895, North Hackensack, New Jersey 1917. This painting has been in storage for fifty years and has never been offered for sale. If you have any questions please ask - thank you.


Conkey's Poultry Remedies were available at Terhune's Poultry Supply and Feed on Main St.

No date available.

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