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Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: August 26, 2013, 07:49:40 PM »

Judge Carver upheld the Hackensack Zoning Board decision denying the Bergen Passaic Long Term Acute Care Hospital, LLC application and dismissed the complaint.


Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: August 13, 2013, 07:51:57 AM »

Important Parking Update for the Bergen County Justice Center

Effective Monday, July 29, 2013, the Bergen County Justice Center – Court Street parking lot will be closed due to the new construction of the Bergen County New Agency Building. The Bergen County Administration has provided a parking lot for the public with shuttle service to and from the Bergen County Justice Center, 10 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ.

PARKING LOT LOCATION: Parking lot opens at 7 a.m. The Record News Lot, 150 River Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE: Providing transportation for jurors, attorneys, court users, and the general public,
SHUTTLE HOURS: 7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday Shuttle will run every 10-15 minutes. The last shuttle from the justice center leaves at 7 p.m.

Jurors FREE
Persons using handicap parking:
First 90 minutes FREE
$5/day flat fee thereafter
All others:
First 50 minutes FREE
$5/day flat fee thereafter

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: August 11, 2013, 10:39:30 AM »

Hackensack hospital object of suit


HACKENSACK — The city and zoning board are expected to go to court on Friday to fight a lawsuit alleging that the board unfairly denied an application for a 19-story medical building that was strongly opposed by neighborhood residents.
The zoning board, however, will not be represented in court by its former attorney, Richard Malagiere, who faced controversy but had community support to keep him on the case.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment rejected the application for the proposed Bergen Passaic Long-Term Acute Care Hospital in January 2012, saying that the project would bring traffic and parking problems to the residential neighborhood.

But the project didn’t get a fair shake, the applicant claimed in the lawsuit, filed in November in state Superior Court. Bergen Passaic LTACH alleged that city officials conspired to delay the process and tainted the outcome with bias and prejudicial comments.

Malagiere declined to seek reappointment as board attorney in January. He never publicly said why, but his decision came weeks after a fire at a Johnson Avenue home he owned with land-use lawyer Carmine Alampi and Anthony Errico. The house had many illegal electrical connections, and the fire was the result of faulty wiring, officials said. The Record also found that the owners didn’t have an occupancy permit and that the premises had not undergone a safety inspection. Serious violations also were found at an adjacent home they owned.

Some residents insisted Malagiere be kept because of his experience and knowledge of the case, and they even made it a topic in the spring City Council race. The Prospect Avenue Coalition, a resident’s group, held three forums to get candidates’ views on the proposed hospital and asked all of them if they’d keep Malagiere after the election.

Stepped down

Malagiere decided on his own to step down from the case in late May, shortly after a new City Council was elected, officials said.
Laura Kirsch, the new zoning board attorney, who was appointed in April, has taken over the case. The case file was lengthy but not complicated, she said.

"You do what you have to and yes it took time, but we got it done," said Kirsch, a Hackensack-based attorney with expertise in zoning and real estate.

The new interim city attorney, Thomas Scrivo, will represent the city in the case, in place of the former City Attorney Joseph Zisa.
The applicant wanted the hospital building to include 10 floors of patient rooms, a dialysis center with 63 stations and a medical day-care center for up to 180 adults.

The company claimed the medical center would fill overwhelming demand for long-term acute care and dialysis while meeting the needs of a growing senior population.

The project needed special city approval because the property is zoned for residential use and the facility would have exceeded lot, parking and other building restrictions.

Bergen County Superior Court Judge Alexander Carver will hear the case. Carver has announced that he will retire Sept. 1, and it’s unclear whether he plans to rule on the case before then.


- See more at:

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: August 07, 2013, 02:28:19 AM »


The Bergen Passaic Long Term Acute Care Hospital LLC trial will take place on Friday, August 16th at 1:30pm at the Court House on Main Street. If you are interested in attending the trial please be aware that comments, heckling and/or talking while the court is in session will not be permitted and doing so may result in ejection from the court room.

The former Hackensack City Attorney and the newly appointed City Attorney will be representing the City of Hackensack. The Judge presiding over the trial will be: 

Judge Alexander H. Carver, III | Superior Court, Civil Division, Bergen County
Bergen County Courthouse
10 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Hackensack NJ 07601
(201) 527-2390

The latest judge to announce his retirement is Judge Alexander “Zan” Carver, 67, who said Monday he is leaving the bench to join the Hackensack law firm of Harwood Lloyd.

Carver, who was sworn in as a judge in May 2008 and has since served in the family and civil divisions, said he will work as a mediator and arbitrator at the firm. His last day on the bench is Sept. 1, he said.

“I hope to be useful in mediating cases that otherwise would go to trial,” Carver said.

- See more at:

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 2013 Election
« on: May 19, 2013, 12:07:12 AM »
Both slates had a strong vision for an improved downtown, and both groups strongly opposed the LTACH, so a few important things are not changing.  In the end, the split vote advocated by the Prospect Avenue Coalition didn't amount to much, and Newark Mayor Corey Booker picked the losers.  I'm laughing at Booker.

@Just Watching, ProspectAvenueCoaltion did not advocate or endorse any candidate or slate during this election. We did organize 4 Meet the Candidates Nights for our members and their neighbors so that we could get to know the candidates and their views. We make the information available to our members but they make up their own minds for whom to vote. If our members who are at the same time residents and voters want to suggest a split vote we will not attempt to suppress their voice.

Our focus as a coalition was to make all the candidates aware of how important the LTACH issue is to the residents living on Prospect, Overlook and Summit Avenues and to ascertain how the candidates planned to find the funding needed to defend the City againt the LTACH during the appeal process which could continue beyond the end of the next term.

Towards that end we have been very successful in achieving our goal and our mission was accomplished.

Please see our message which was posted on the 24-story Tower on Summit Avenue:

ProspectAvenueCoalition would like to congratulate the Citizens for Change slate for winning yesterday's election. We are confident you will honor commitments made during the election to defeat the LTACH and look forward to an open government with free flowing information. We also wish you success on addressing the many other issues that affect our city from development of downtown to lowering taxes.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: May 15, 2013, 12:46:40 PM »

ProspectAvenueCoalition would like to congratulate the Citizens for Change slate for winning yesterday's election. We are confident you will honor commitments made during the election to defeat the LTACH and look forward to an open government with free flowing information. We also wish you success on addressing the many other issues that affect our city from development of downtown to lowering taxes.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: May 04, 2013, 12:51:28 PM »
42739 ProspectAvenueCoalition hosted its final Meet the Candidates Night at The Camelot. The format was similar to the debate style used at the Whitehall and the Baridge House which I have observed to be the more informative than the Meet and Greet format -- and revealing it was. 60+ residents and their invited guests attended in addition to the press and a photographer. A residents’ group discussion was held the next evening so that the attendees could exchange thoughts on the candidates and their views. A number of attendees asked if they could attend another Meet the Candidates Night. Sorry folks, we are all out of them.

All of the candidates still promise to fight the LTACH to the bitter end although not all of them may keep those with deep knowledge of the LTACH case in place and may instead retain new counsel.

Earlier this year the Zoning Board Attorney had stepped down from the Zoning Board but has been retained as Special Counsel for the LTACH case. I have spoken to a number of ProspectAvenueCoalition members and all have said that they are relieved to hear of the decision to have the former Zoning Board Attorney stay on the LTACH case.

The campaign promise to keep fighting the LTACH is easy enough to make. We would like to know how the candidates intend to keep their promise. Each of the 2 slates include at least 1 candidate with budget experience. ProspectAvenueCoalition has tried to look closely at this experience for the reason that we need to feel confident that the legal expenses necessary to fight the LTACH for the next 4-8 years will be continually funded and not trimmed or cut. If anyone has the answer to RN’s question re: LTACH we ask them to post here:

“For instance, do you plan to cut the legal defense budget on LTACH, or the budget on Main Street development? How do you plan to lower property taxes?”

Hackensack is a nonpartisan municipality and you may vote for any candidate regardless of which slate the candidate is affiliated with. The candidates with the most votes will fill the open seats on the Council allowing for a split slate Council.

Please vote on Tuesday, May 14.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: April 15, 2013, 01:55:22 PM »
41986 ProspectAvenueCoalition hosted its second Meet the Candidates night at the Baridge House on Thursday April 10th.

The next Meet the Candidates night is at the Devonshire to be followed by The Camelot. We have received numerous requests from residents seeking invitations to one of our Meet the Candidates night. In the past, the Devonshire has had a large unit owner turnout therefore space for invited guests is limited. The Camelot may be standing room only. So far I have not heard of any candidates night scheduled elsewhere in the town. We will let you know if any more candidate nights are planned.

Resident feedback has been overwhelming. Many just want to express their thanks for the opportunity to get to know the candidates and their views. Some residents were not aware that Hackensack is a nonpartisan municipality and that they could vote for any candidate regardless of which slate the candidate is affiliated with or that the popular vote could split a slate as it did during the 2009 City Election.

In the 2009 City Election the candidate who received 1,628 votes needed only 22 more votes to get elected to the Council. The Meet the Candidates nights may be a good place for candidates to pick up votes.

These are the results from the 2009 election:

Michael Melfi* 1,813
Jorge Meneses* 1,798
Marlin Townes* 1,780
Karen Sasso* 1,745
John Labrosse 1,649

Larry Eisen 1,628
Kathleen Canestrino 1,612
Toni Williams Haverty 1,549
Ronda Wilson 1,537
Pablo Andrade 1,427
Rhonda Williams Bembry 579
Guy Navarro 457
Margaret Otchy 445


Hackensack Discussion / Re: Some good cell antenna news
« on: April 05, 2013, 12:00:27 PM »
In the summer of 2008, I received the following notice in the mail. I encouraged the unit owners in my building (located immediately next door) to attend the Zoning Board Meeting to protest the mounting of a wireless antenna atop the Blair House. Other than myself no one showed and the hearing was postponed by the Zoning Board. I contacted the Zoning Board to discuss the matter of allowing wireless antennas in such a densely populated residential area and where there may be kids/elderly living directly below or level with the antenna.

I was informed that many towns (Fair Lawn and Leonia) were facing lawsuits from wireless communication companies and Hackensack was weighing its options as to whether it would toss its hat into the litigation ring. I was told that my unit is located at the farthest point away and many floors below the antenna so the effect for me may actually be minimal. Regardless, I passed along to the Blair House a radiation study which may have trumped the rental income paid by Omnipoint since I only see zoning board approval for MetroPCS at 300 and 101 Prospect Avenue.

My friend who lived in a rental in New York which installed an antenna a few months after he moved in began suffering from diminished brain function and had to resort to sleeping in a special tent because his landlord would not let him out of the lease. His wife was about to have a baby so the lease was broken without regard to the cost.

The rental income may be attractive to the landlord but what about the cost to the renters? and would it be as attractive if the landlord was living in the penthouse.

APPLICATION V#10-08 and SP#9-08

("Applicant") has filed an application with the City of Hackensack. Zoning Board
of Adjustment. seeking permission to install a wireless communications facility
consisting of four (4) wireless panel antennas and three (3) equipment cabinets
on the roof-top of the existing fifteen (15) story building. No on-site demolition or
expansion of the building is proposed for the subject property. The property
which is the subject of this application is located at 235 Prospect Avenue,
Hackensack, New Jersey, is located in the R-3 Zoning District, and is designated
on the Tax maps as Block 343, Lot 14 and Block 343.03, Blair House
Condominium. Applicant is seeking the following variances, approvals and

• Use Variance as the use is not permitted in the R-3, a variance for
expansion of a pre-existing non conforming use for the alterations, and
variances for three pre-existing nonconforming bulk deficiencies, including
possible height variance for the antennas and rooftop equipment,

• Preliminary and Final Site plan;

• Such other approvals, waivers and variances from the requirements of
the Zoning Ordinance as may be deemed necessary or required by the
City of Hackensack at the hearing in this matter.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the City of Hackensack Zoning Board of
Adjustment will meet at 7:00 P.M .. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2008 at 65
Central Avenue, Hackensack, N.J. :lid Floor Council Meeting Room at which lime
opportunity will be given to all those in interest to be heard and al which time the
Board may approve, modify or deny this application. Any interested party may
appear at the aforesaid hearing, either in person, or by their attorney, and be
given the opportunity 10 be heard with respect to the aforesaid application.
TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the application for development and all
supporting maps, site plans and document may be inspected in the office of the
Department of Community Affairs, City Hall, 65 Central Avenue, Hackensack
during regular office hours.

This notice is being sent to you by the applicant by order of the Zoning Board of
the City of Hackensack, New Jersey.

Date: August 4, 2008

Authorized Agent for Applicant
60 Baldwin Road, Suite 202
Parsippany, New Jersey 07054

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: April 01, 2013, 12:33:44 PM »
41500 The Meet the Candidates night at the Whitehall was quite a success. It was well attended by the unit owners and many questions pertaining to the LTACH were asked. Each of the 11 candidates stated their opposition to the construction of the Bergen Passaic Long Term Acute Care Hospital LLC on Prospect and Summit Avenues.

ProspectAvenueCoalition has organized future Meet the Candidate nights at the Baridge House, The Camelot and Devonshire.

The Applications for Vote by Mail left by the Whitehall meeting room door were all taken by the end of the night.

Voter Registration Deadline: 21 days before Election Day.

Deadline for Vote by Mail Application: Applications must be received in the County Clerk's office (not postmarked) by close of business no later than seven days prior to Election Day. You, or an Authorized Messenger acting on your behalf, may also apply for a Mail-In Ballot in person at the County Clerk's office at any time up until 3pm on the day before an election.

Deadline for Mail-in Ballot: Your Mail-In Ballot must be received by the County Board of Election before close of polls on Election Day (May 14).

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: March 06, 2013, 12:45:59 AM »


The matter has gone before Superior Court Judge Alexander Carver for a management conference.

To better prepare ourselves for a potentially prolonged court battle ProspectAvenueCoalition is asking the residents of Hackensack to vote in the mayoral election on Tuesday May 14, 2013.

Why you should vote? A newly elected Mayor and Council may decide to cut litigation costs to the City of Hackensack. If the City of Hackensack chooses to settle rather than continue to fight the Pineles lawsuit then the Bergen Passaic Long Term Acute Care Hospital will be built on Prospect and Summit Avenues. They may also appoint a new City Attorney. The incumbent City Attorney successfully fended off several lawsuits filed by PC Air Rights (Excelsior III). If a new City Attorney is appointed we would like (prior to casting our vote) some assurance with respect to their credentials and win record.

To ensure that the candidates support our opposition to an LTACH being built in a single/multi-family residential zone instead of the area surrounding Hackensack Hospital which is zoned specifically for a project of this type, ProspectAvenueCoalition has begun planning Meet the Candidates nights at some of the condo/coop buildings on Prospect and Overlook Avenues. The candidates may hold their own candidate night at a larger public venue. If they do we will post the information here.

If you would like a mail-in ballot please email

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: January 09, 2013, 11:39:28 AM »

The County Seat
December 2012

Rejected Developer Sues City

A development company known as Bergen Passaic LTACH filed a lawsuit in state Superior Court in Hackensack on Nov. 7, seeking to overturn the city’s rejection of its building proposal.

LTACH filed an application before the Hackensack Zoning Board to erect a 24-story building on Prospect Avenue, between Golf Place and Berry Street. The structure was to be used as a long-term acute care facility with a dialysis unit an adult medical day care.

There were 23 zoning hearings during the application process as well as several revisions to the original plans. The developers reduced the number of stories from 24 to 19 and the height of the building from 276 feet to 227. The developers argued that although the neighborhood was not zoned for this type of facility, there was a need for the service in Bergen County. During the course of the hearings, the meeting room was packed with concerned neighbors objecting to the plan. After hearing testimony from all sides, the zoning board denied the application.

Hackensack City Attorney Joseph Zisa said the city would defend itself against the developers’ lawsuit and defend the zoning board members’ decision.

“We will defend ourselves with the same vigor and resolve that the city defended and won litigation when a developer attempted to build a high-rise structure above railroad tracks on Prospect Avenue.”

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Hackensack Painting
« on: January 09, 2013, 11:33:22 AM »
The artist, Charles Tang, lives on Prospect Avenue near Beech and here is the other view:

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: January 05, 2013, 06:36:16 AM »

Super trials and superstorms: 2012 proved newsworthy for city


HACKENSACK — This past year was one of monumental events — from superstorms to Super Bowl wins to historical elections and everything in between. The City of Hackensack did not trail far behind when it comes to having a number of occurrences captivate residents throughout 2012. The year was engulfed with up-to-dates on the city's former disgraced police chief who was charged, and later found guilty, on fraud and misconduct charges; interfaith residents who were shocked and shaken up by anti-Semitic vandalism and acts of crime around Bergen County were drawn together in the name of peace and solidarity; and Mother Nature showed her fury and wrath as Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc in the area. Here is a look at this year's most compelling local stories.


Hospital voted down

After years of debate, the Hackensack Zoning Board voted down a plan to build a 19-story hospital on Prospect Avenue.
The unanimous vote put a stop to the proposed project known as the Bergen Passaic Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTCH). Zoning Board members struck down the plan, citing concerns over traffic, parking and quality of life issues. The project generated concerns among residents living in the vicinity, specifically on Prospect and Summit avenues. As concerns ran rampant, residents hired two attorneys to present their opposition to the hospital.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 24-story tower for Summit Avenue
« on: December 03, 2012, 03:15:46 AM »
 37155 Attached is a copy of the summons and complaint.

Bergen Passaic LTACH, LLC v. City of Hackensack, et al.
Docket No. BER-L-8293-12

If you have any questions please email:

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