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Click the link below to see the new dynamic events calendar:


Any visitors may view the calendar and its linked content.  Registered users may append messages to the calendar.

Many new events will be added in the near future.

Email me with any questions.  


Events & Calendar / 4/24/04 Hackensack Parks Clean-up Day
« on: March 17, 2004, 03:41:48 PM »
Hackensack Parks Clean-up

Event Date: April 24, 2004 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00 (Breakfast for all volunteers with Mayor and Council at Civic Center behind City Hall)
Time: 10:00-12:00 clean up
Location: Starts at Civic Center and then cleanup crews disperse to various parks for cleanup
Contact Person: "Cleanup Coordinator"
Contact Phone: (201) 646-3907

Events & Calendar / 4/18/04 Family Fun Festival
« on: March 17, 2004, 03:38:41 PM »
:)Family Fun Festival ;D

Event Date: April 18, 2004
Time: 1:00 - 4:30 PM
Location: 355 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ
Contact Person: Nina Damavandi
Contact Phone: (201) 336-7459
Contact email: [u][/u]

The third annual Family Fun Festival is a FREE afternoon of fun for children to age 7. The theme will be "Ready to Learn" and will be located in Hackensack. The multi-culural event will have storytellers, face painters, clowns, dancing, singing, crafts, and MORE!!! The event is sponsored by the Bergen County Human Services Advisory Council, in partnership with the Bergen-Passaic Association for the Education of Young Children, the Philip Ciarco, Jr. Learning Center and the YMCA of Greater Bergen County in celebration of the National Week of the Young Child.

355 Main Street (Located between Berry & Passaic Streets; Diagonally across from the YMCA)From Route 4 (either Direction):
Take the Hackensack Avenue exit (SOUTH) - which turns into River Street. At the traffic light before McDonald's, turn right onto Passaic Street. Drive one block, cross Main Street and continue. The Learning Center is located immediately on the left.

Hackensack Discussion / Freeholders Meeting Results
« on: March 17, 2004, 11:25:50 AM »
Note: Some terms are hyperlinked for more information

Hackensack related issues:

1. A public hearing concerning the proposed relocation of the County Police HQ and DPW will be held at the current Zabriske Street Street facility on April 29, at 7:00 (time will be verified).  The public is encouraged to attend this important meeting for Hackensack residents.

2. A resolution was passed to allow for a feasibility study into building a shelter with expanded services and 75 beds - plus room for 25 additional beds (for emergencies) at the Kansas Street Shelter.  The study will cost approximately $50,000.  

Other County-wide issues:

1.  The Freeholders acknowleged Bergen County Women as March is "Women's History Month".

2.  The FH Board accepted a recently published book about the Water Works
and heard comments about its preservation.

3.  The Board passed resolution which will ultimately ban smoking in county ball parks and swimming pools.

4.  The Board discussed campaign finance reform and "full disclosure" of political donors.  

Topics of public comment included, "pay to play", the proposed shelter expansion, the Zabriske Street hearings, and cancer awareness.  Mayor Zisa was in attendance.

Attendees are encouraged to follow-up with corrections and additions to this summary.  

Hackensack Discussion / Services for the homeless...
« on: March 16, 2004, 11:22:42 PM »
An article recently appeared in The Record about the City's "homeless" and Bergen CAP's plan to expand services for the "homeless" in Hackensack.

Click here to read the article: Services for the homeless are in a political minefield (Requires free registration with The Record)

The above-poll seeks your opinion with respect to Hackensack's responsibility for the "homeless" situation.  Please participate.  You must register with an email address.  Click "Register" at the top of this page. It's easy.

Thank you.

Or Click Here to Register
Note:  Polls are anonymous.  Registration is required to enforce 1 vote per person.

Hackensack Discussion / Proposed Light Rail Stations for Hackensack
« on: March 16, 2004, 05:24:21 PM »
Click below for a map of the proposed Bergen Light Rail stations.  Two appear to be in Hackensack: one on Prospect and one on Main. 

Light Rail Map
(Thanks Jerry)

Does anyone know anything more about this?

Please note:  some terms are hyperlinked.

Monday, March l6, 2004 - 8:00PM

1.  Roll Call
2.  Flag Salute

The following resolutions were unanimously approved:

3.  Approval of Minutes: March 1, 2004
4.  Resolution #073 - Approval Of Refunds
5.  Resolution #074 - Authorization - WQM-003 - Lincoln Street Development.  (Will find out more about this.)
6.  Resolution #075 - Authorization to Release Performance Guarantees
7.  Resolution #076 - Award Bid - Electronic Service Solutions, Inc. (Radio Communications contract for H.P.D - $816 per month).
8.  Resolution #077 - Approval of Raffle Applications (Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church)
9.  Resolution #078 - Authorization of Planning Board Preliminary Investigation of "Redevelopment Area" (Essex/Green/Newman Streets - Property on which City temporarily stores salt piles.)  This areas is to the east of the Essex Street NJ Transit Rail Station.  Apparently, the city is hiring a "planner" to advise on the "highest use" of the property.  The mayor indicated that the site could conceivably play a part in the "Transit Village program".  Stay tuned.  
10.  Resolution #079 - Transfer of Tax Overpayment (Routine).
11.  Resolution #080 - Authorization to Execute Petition of Appeal to Bergen Co. Board of Taxation. (Routine)
12.  Resolution #081 - Approval of Application for "Click It or Ticket Funding"
13.  Resolution #082 - Approval of Application for "FY2005" Federal Grant (Will try to find out the nature of the grant sought).
14.  Resolution #083 - Payment of Bills (routine).
15.  Resolution #084 - Endorsement of BCCO Grant - Helpline Services for Youth (no city funds).
16.  Resolution #085 - Emergency Temporary Appropriation (routine).
17.  Resolution #006 - Transfers - 2003 Budget Appropriations Reserves (routine).

Members of the public commented and/or questioned the following:

1.  The nature and scope of Resolution 78: "Redevelopment Area" and its potential uses.  The Council responded that this would be clearer after a professional planner makes some recommendations.

2. S. Goldberg Property on River St. The County Gov. is interested in relocating its Police and DPW to this site (next to Costco).  A resident suggested that city council members attend the 3/17/04 Freeholder's meeting to further explore the relocation.  The resident further suggested that a study be conducted to determine the impact of the relocation and to ascertain which site is more economically and practicably feasible for Hackensack residents.   Click HERE for more information about this.

3. Another resident asked when properties in the City would undergo a tax re-evaluation.  The mayor opined that this would happen within the next two years.  

4. Another resident made some comments with respect to legal bills (this was unclear to me)

5. Finally, one resident followed up on an inquiry concerning the abadoned bank building owned by Mr. Peter Tucci on Main Street and whether taxes could be increased (presumbably in the hopes that Mr. Tucci would then find a tenant or sell the property).  

Attendees of the meeting are encouraged to clarify and correct this summary.  

Hackensack Discussion / Suggest Clubs or Groups for these boards
« on: March 15, 2004, 12:13:00 AM »
These message boards offer tremendous potential for community involvement and interaction.  

For example, we could form neighborhood groups that would address issues specific to a given neighborhood.  We could have a group or club specifically taylored for youth activities, hobbies, interests, etc.  Each group would have its own message board.  

If anyone would like to become a moderator of a particular group, please let me know.  

Just a thought.

Events & Calendar / 3/18/04 Teterboro Airport: Coalition Meeting
« on: March 14, 2004, 11:37:03 PM »

Thursday - MARCH 18, 2004 at 7:00 PM
Borough of Bogota - Municipal Building
375 Larch Avenue
Bogota, NJ

Tel. 201 342 1736 for directions


1. Assistant Deputy Commissioner Samuel Wolfe
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

2. Dates for Special Coalition Meeting Parameters of Study
- Municipality Attendance MANDATORY
April 5, 6, 19, 20, 22, 2004

3. Update on status of litigation by
Stuart J. Lieberman, Esq., Lieberman & Blecher, P.C.

4. Web site - choose name

Gov. McGreevey's office is also sending a representative to
the meeting.

Hackensack Discussion / 2004 School Board Election (Topic closed).
« on: March 13, 2004, 02:38:13 AM »
School Board Election Poll. 

You will have to register with an email address in order to participate.  It's easy:  go to button on top that says "register".  You'll get Hackensack Now's periodic e-newsletter.

The following is a Record Article about the upcoming School Board Election:

Click:School board challengers look to build on success

Aside from new computers and an after-school program, what are the other issues?  Which candidates would like to see property taxes raised?  Which candidates will look for creative ways to find money for these needed programs? What other programs should be started? Eliminated?

Lets start a discussion thread here on this election and get people involved.

Hackensack Discussion / Prospect Commons
« on: March 12, 2004, 11:30:07 AM »
The Record Article about Prospect Commons appears here:

Hackensack OK's Town Houses

Requires free registration with The Record.

Click the link below to see the Hackensack Shuttle Bus Schedule:

Bus Schedule

The City's shuttle bus services the Essex and Anderson Street Commuter Rail Stations as well as Hackensack University Medical Center.

Shuttle Buses are free.

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