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Hackensack Discussion / "THE SACK"
« Last post by BLeafe on Today at 10:50:58 AM »

"Longtime residents have always known the city as "The Sack."?

I've been connected to Hackensack longer than most and I've never heard that nickname until recently. It's a terrible name. Two things immediately pop into mind when I hear it. "Sad Sack" - an old comic - is one of them and if you look that name up in Wikipedia, you'll see the other one ("sack of sh*t") in the very first paragraph.

What do you all think about the nickname? Let's take a vote.

Hackensack Discussion / The Record King
« Last post by johnny g on November 22, 2020, 07:09:25 AM »
Took a ride into town yesterday to visit my old favorite record store again. Craig was his usual gentleman to me and my wife, our daughter is really into used vinyl so I got her a gift certificate for the store (i wanted to buy her a shirt too but he had no more). Anyway, Main St was all torn up for many blocks there...amidst all the dust we got a slice at the pizzeria across the street (which was a little disappointing actually, not as good as I remembered it)
His gift certificate was so cool, he put a little embossed stamp on it to prove it's authentic too! We'll probably head over there on Black Friday, this time I'll skip the pizza though... :-\
Although the building isn't finished yet, I was invited to do a shoot on the roof. I went up on the afternoon of November 5 - the same day that I shot the Main/Ward traffic island demolition in the morning. Since that was still going on, I could shoot that also from 6 floors up.

I climbed up the wall ladder on 5 to the hatch that I had seen workers pop out of for months and hit the roof.

Here's what I shot:

1. The roof is shaped somewhere in between a U and a V. This is an old image I found on Google Maps that shows the shape.

2. This image shows the apartments at 40 Passaic St, the First Presbyterian Church's steeple, High-rise Row and part of 389 Main (State St side).

3, 4. I know that #4 shows vents from laundry room dryers and I assume that #3 does too.

5. This is the northeast corner piece that seems to adorn the corners of EVERY new building in town. Future historians won't have a problem identifying the buildings from this time period because they all look the same (how about some variety in the next Hackensack Renaissance's buildings, huh?). In this pic, you can see the Hackensack River and the Anderson St bridge through the openings.

6. Getting close to the southeast corner.

7. Back at the northeast corner, I'm flat on my stomach in one of the openings mentioned at the end of #5, shooting the Main/Ward traffic island demolition (I got a lucky two-fer this day).

8. From the same location, shooting down Main St

9. Looking up Ward St

10. Turning slightly to the right, I got a rare shot of the 435 Main project in white and seemingly wearing a Holy Trinity Church beanie.

11. This shows a lot of the equipment on both roof segments.

12, 13. These two photos show some of the damage done by fish crows to pipe insulation. They REALLY have to find a way to stop that.

Interspersed among all these images, I did a series of photo stitches - some better than others.

14. This one came out well. It shows the river from north of the Anderson St bridge to beyond Kipps Bend and Foschini Park.

15. This rather ambitious stitch begins beyond Sears (I think I see a Continental Plaza building behind it), goes WAY down Main St, around to the hospital and the high-rises and ends up somewhere in the vicinity of Union and Ward, picking up parts of the 389 Main building I'm on, both on the Main St side and the State St side. That's gotta be at least 3/4 of a circle.

16. I like this one. There's a little bit of river, the YMCA looks great, there's a hint of visible NYC, and it goes down Main St as far as can be seen from this location.

17. It's not glitch-free, but this was the best I could get of both legs of the building and the Passaic St side. I don't know if I'd want to be sitting on one of these balconies and have a view that consists of fellow tenants sitting across the lot in their balcony.

18. This one is FAR from perfect (it shows half a car almost right in the middle), but it goes from Sears to Berry St and shows the one-day-only view of the Main/Ward traffic island demolition.

19. This stitch was just WAY too ambitious - especially hand-held - but where else are you ever gonna see the YMCA on Main St, Passaic St, 210 Main AND Hackensack Hospital to the south, the high-rises, Ward St, buildings on State St AND Union St to the west.................and then end up at 417 Main - two blocks NORTH of the Y?

20. I'm done. This is the 5th floor hallway by the elevator. See ya.

Click to enlarge................ESPECIALLY the stitches (some of which you'll need to scroll from left to right to see the whole thing).

I could see this from my living room (first pic) when it began, so I headed right over and took the first half of this video (and the below stills). Later that afternoon, I was on top of 389 Main - which is still not finished yet - on that same corner and shot the second half of the video while laying flat on my stomach on the corner of the roof (the pix from the rooftop shoot will be posted soon). Fun stuff!

The last two shots were taken 3 days later.

Click the pix to enlarge.

2,3. This is exactly what I thought might happen when I saw these skinny light poles going up on the roof: someone forgot to turn them off, which totally screws up my night photography. Fortunately, I happened to run into the construction superintendent, who had them turned off.

5. Same-day progress

7. This fall colors shot was a beautiful one when I could see the river..............oh, well - progress.

8-15. Walkaround

16. Not sure what exactly is being roped-off or why..........

17,18. Still working on that roll-down vehicle entry door on the State St side

19,20. Upper-floor lights during the day

Click to enlarge.

1,2. Loading onto its carrier

8. The sidewalk had just opened on the State St side and I think these are its first pedestrians.

15. All new sidewalk, trees, benches (on which you can stare at the bricks) and trash receptacles

16. Working on the roll-up (and down) metal curtain at the State St entrance (like an electronic garage door)

17. Just-painted parking space (and no parking) lines

19. This is the first time I've noticed shadows on the lower left building coming from the top piece on the roof of 389 Main.

20. Lovely street-level view on the Ward St side

Click to enlarge.

The second half of these images was shot on a 10-25-20 walkaround. The only two colorful photos are scaffolding - both standing and stacked.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Joe Biden
« Last post by BLeafe on November 08, 2020, 05:03:38 PM »
Did you ever think you'd see this on this channel?

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Joe Biden
« Last post by hhscomets_alum on November 07, 2020, 12:50:05 PM »
The “Deficit of Decency” is over January 20, 2021.
Hackensack Discussion / 2020 General Election Results in Hackensack
« Last post by BLeafe on November 04, 2020, 03:30:01 PM »
Everybody far?

Click to enlarge.

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