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Hackensack Discussion / Re: HUMC Expansion
« Last post by ericmartindale on Today at 10:05:29 PM »
I was astounded to learn recently that a long section of Second Street south of Atlantic Street is going to be encased in a hospital expansion project, and the street will effectively become a tunnel. This will be the largest expansion ever of HUMC.  What's the point of approving a hospital parking tower, perhaps 20 years ago, with a lawn and a normal setback from Second Street, if that entire setback and even the air over the street is going to be a future hospital project.  This project is approved, and 100% will be built.  I wonder if the city is being paid air rights for use of the air over the street?
The Record formally announced a policy apparent to readers for many month, restricting some stories on to subscribers. Reader reaction was swift:
Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by Victor E Sasson on Yesterday at 09:05:08 AM »
Thanks for the psychoanalysis. But you are talking about Gannett, the biggest newspaper publisher in the United States with a track record of buying papers, slashing the payroll and pages of local news, and centralizing production in major design studios around the country, so The Record of Woodland Park is being put out, edited and so forth who knows where, certainly not in New Jersey. Nothing will get better. Readers are abandoning the website and print edition in droves (as shown in the annual reports I have posted on my blog), and I would not be surprised to see the paper folded in a couple of years.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by BLeafe on July 14, 2019, 03:50:09 PM »
Once again, you COMPLETELY miss the point. I'm not trying to tell sports fans about grammar and captions. My writing is basically a complaint about the people who create all the errors and stupidity - people who are supposedly quite literate and who have been properly trained to do their jobs and should know better than to put out the crap they do. If I'm lucky, somebody in charge might realize what's going on and do something about it (and maybe the sun will be green tomorrow). I'm of the opinion that none of this should go unchallenged.

I'm a sports fan. Do I sound barely literate and grammatically-challenged to you? You're REALLY judgmental in your out-of-left-field and over-the-top characterizations. And how do you know that the Courant guy wasn't a subscriber whose Little League son got his picture in the sports section and Dad wanted another copy?

It's hardly healthy to get your opinions shaped by the weird biases that you let bounce around in your head.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by Victor E Sasson on July 14, 2019, 10:08:29 AM »
More much ado about nothing. One way to look at it is that many sports fans are barely literate and wouldn't know the difference between correct and incorrect syntax and silly captions. Judging from the number of arrests for human trafficking at the Super Bowl each year, fans are more interested in sex with underage girls than in typos and broken syntax. The New York Times Sports section today (Sunday) is 8 pages, including the TV listings on the back page. A recent copy of The Record I saw during the week also devoted 8 pages to Sports (what a waste), and only 3 to local news. Do sports fans even vote in presidential elections or care about municipal affairs in Hackensack or anywhere else? I seriously doubt it. When I was a reporter for the Hartford Courant in Connecticut in the 1970, I lived in a corner apartment overlooking a newspaper box in Hartford. I'll never forget the time I saw a man put a coin in the box, grab a copy of The Courant (which had many pages in a few sections), and dump all but the Sports section into a trash basket. That said it all, and has shaped my opinion of the large majority of sports fans.[size]
Hackensack Discussion / Re: Our horrible streets, roads and highways
« Last post by Victor E Sasson on July 14, 2019, 09:57:10 AM »
I met a friend for lunch in Montclair last week, and found the streets in that tony community no better than we have in Hackensack. Rough, potholed, frequently patched pavement is a rash that is spreading around northern New Jersey. In Englewood, the number of sunken manholes is astounding, and I find a lot of them on county owned streets like Grand and Engle Streets. Instead of driving down a street, you have to slalom.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: Area in need of Rehabilitation
« Last post by Victor E Sasson on July 14, 2019, 09:51:23 AM »
Ethnic restaurants are popping up even before apartments are ready to rent
Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by BLeafe on July 13, 2019, 11:45:07 AM »
Storylines, players, takeaways...............they only come in fives (but stupidity is endless).

Ckick to enlarge.

they are light post bases. 
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