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Might be a nice shot when the project's finished.

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Hackensack Discussion / Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
« Last post by BLeafe on Yesterday at 10:30:00 AM »
Sorry - that's my mistake.

All fixed.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
« Last post by Homer Jones on Yesterday at 08:58:46 AM »
Quick question/ observation: If Sears is on the east side of Main Street and has an even address (436 Main Street) and the former Holman Moving and Storage building is on the west side of Main Street and has an odd address (435 Main Street) how come the Waypoint project is called Holman/ Waypoint 436?
Hackensack Discussion / Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
« Last post by BLeafe on December 08, 2018, 07:47:25 PM »
Their high-end tenants will need SOMEWHERE classy to shop when Sears folds.

This is  a goldmine for Family Dollar.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
« Last post by irons35 on December 08, 2018, 05:40:58 PM »
I'm surprised they didnt get the family dollar and finish off the block.
Hackensack Discussion / The Holman/Waypoint project (435 Main St)
« Last post by BLeafe on December 08, 2018, 11:30:02 AM »
On Wednesday, December 5, they finally started blocking off the sidewalks on the Main St, Anderson St and Maple Ave sides of the building and left no gaps in the fence-covering for photos. Fortunately, I can see what's going on in the back from my roof - 7 floors up - though it's a bit chilly up there lately.

The next day, demolition started. I had taken a shot of the Anderson St side of the fence-covering in the morning, but by the time I went out to do the ground-level shots, I noticed that the image of the new building in the covering -  which had been well down from Main St in the morning - had been moved much closer to Main by the afternoon. Better optics, I guess. Plus, there's a more captive audience stopped at the light as you get closer to Main.

Since I can't be on the roof on the other side of my building all day, I'm only going to be able to get bits of pieces of the demolition process, unlike the 389 Main project, which is straight out from my living room window, so I'm going to miss segments of the 436 Main progress.

I probably won't get over to Maple Ave much, so I made sure to get over there on the first day to shoot a stitch. It wasn't an easy one because I had to hold the camera above my head to clear the fence-covering. It's a pain to try to line up side-by-side shots in that situation.

On the far right of the stitch is the yellow-bricked former Holy Trinity School - the alma mater of Editor, me and many members of this site. I noticed that my current residence is also in the picture, so I took the last shot, which shows an angle I never saw before of the garden apartments of Anderson St, the Second Reformed Church, the top of my building behind it and the First Presbyterian Church's steeple.

Going back to the stitch, I can see that I’ve come a long way in 60 years…………….. 2 blocks!

From Wikipedia: A waypoint is an intermediate point or place on a route or line of travel, a stopping point or point at which course is changed......waypoints most often consist of a series of abstract GPS points that create artificial airways—"highways in the sky"—created specifically for purposes of air navigation that have no clear connection to features of the real world.

So the residents of this building can claim they live in the middle of something that has no connection to the real world? I guess that makes sense. After all, Sears is right across the street and they're in a similar situation..

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Free Classifieds and Announcements / Free parking on Main St Dec. 10-25, 2018
« Last post by BLeafe on December 07, 2018, 09:00:00 AM »
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Hackensack Discussion / Re: Hackensack schools, facilities upgrade, new school
« Last post by ericmartindale on December 07, 2018, 06:55:20 AM »
I attended last night's forum. 90% of what is planned is really excellent.  The best part of the plan is that the High School will essentially be a double campus covering 6 grades. The existing buildings will be grades 10-12 instead of 9-12, and that will free up space for growth (even though enrollment was higher than now in the 1970's). The new buildings will be built along American Legion Drive and Comet Way for grades 7-9. That will include all the 9th graders from the sending districts in what is being billed as "the 9th grade academy". This will be a State-of-the-Art school with everything modern and high-tech, and I susepct it will be extremely attractive to the 3 sending districts. The kids will be very eager to attend it, and more parents will say "yes" to this option. The presenters expressed serious concern that magnet schools will be draining away our best kids in the future, so this new school will be competition and function as it's own kind of magnet.

All schools in Hackensack will be getting air conditioning and security upgrades. Every one will have a single point of entry and there will be street improvements for drop-off purposes. Most or all bathrooms will be modernized.

Hackensack will have free pre-school for all kids that are 4 years old by October 1st. There are about 800, and currently only about 300 are enrolled due to space issues, and it's all the way in the South Ward at the old St. Francis school. They are renting from the Catholic Archdioscese

The 4 lower elementary schools are currently K-4, which is 5 grades, and maxed out for space. They will become Pre-K to 2, which is 4 grades. Having 1 grade less per building frees up space, just a little, for future growth.

A large parking garage for students and teachers will be built along Comet Way. They are discussing with the City Council about widening Comet Way and making it 2-way, but that is not finalized. They are also eliminating the eastern block of American Legion Drive (the city council is doing that), and adding it as green space to the school campus to help compensate for the loss of one athletic field. Kathy Salvo was there asking them fencing off space on the roof of the new building for school recreation purposes, and they said the architect will consider that.

Some of the savings:
1. The school system will no longer be spending $700,000 a year to rent that space from the Archdioscese, which over the cost of 30 years would be $21 million. Actually more because that cost will probably go up every year. So it's fair to say at least $26 million. (FYI, the Board of Education is doing a bad job talking up this aspect of the savings by not multiplying it out over 30 years and explaining that on their literature)
2. If this is all approved in the Referendum, the State of NJ will kick in $41 million.  So that's $67 million
3. There are additional efficiency savings, the presenters said.

My outstanding concern was that all kids grades 3-6 from Hackensack will have to attend one school (currently the Middle School). The presenters said that the modern educational needs of pre-school and kindergarten kids is "so vastly different" from that of 5th and 6th graders that it no longer makes sense to put them all in the same building. 

They said they have thought for years about shrinking the district sizes for the existing 4 elementary schools so there will be space for the existing grades, and then building a new school somewhere in central or south-central Hackensack. They couldn't do it, they couldn't make the numbers work. I tell you what, they can pay me $30,000 and give me all the enrollment data. It might take me some time, but I could do it, I'm sure.

What I think will happen in the future is that the school enrollment will continue to grow, and they will STILL be forced to build another new school in Hackensack, somewhere near Kansas Street. That could be a Middle School South, for Jackson and Hillers. And the existing Middle School would be a Middle School North for Nellie K. Parker and Fairmount. Or perhaps, since the old Middle School is pretty huge, it would nibble a bit into the territory of the South elementary schools. My $30K offer stands on the table, in a few years when they are ready to think about this again. I am sure I could do it.

Also, if I was on the Board of Education, I would immediately use eminent domain to seize and purchase the Cinelli Brothers metal recycling property off of Lodi Street. That way the Board of Education would own a piece of property for future school construction, and it would be just about where it needs to be geographically. They could then lease the property out to Cinelli or anyone else with a similar business plan. The cost of buying that property, spread out over 30 years, would probably be less than the annual rent from Cinelli. They should consult with the appropriate realtor on this, see if the numbers work. The property might be rented out for 10 years or more before any school construction occurs.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: Arena Diner
« Last post by johnny g on December 05, 2018, 09:54:23 AM »
I haven't been there in many years myself (either Arena or Heritage). When I was part time driving for Mr Taxi in the early 90's the parking lot of the Arena was one of my "waiting" spots. Of course I would take a break there for an egg sandwich and coffee as well. The Heritage was my go-to spot when I worked at Guy Ross Chevrolet in the late 80's. The Chit Chat I haven't been to, since it was Triboro, but I've heard it's not that great
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