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Well said.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: Hackensack City Manager Ted Ehrenberg dies suddenly
« Last post by Editor on March 31, 2021, 10:10:06 PM »
I will miss Ted. We all will.

When he started in 2016, it did not take long for City Hall employees to see his level of commitment, his genuine desire to make a difference, and his ability to get things done. "Done" was his favorite word. He put an emphasis on setting goals and seeing them come to fruition. He put a lot of confidence in his department heads to establish goals and was willing to trust and support their vision.  He was a true manager who expected results but was also compassionate and understanding with those that worked for him. He was a creative thinker and never afraid to float ideas. He could be very determined but also patient. One expression of his that I will retain is "patience is what you do while you are waiting." Another one is, "this job will never be cheaper to do than it is right now." He could be very decisive. He was an early riser and had a long commute. Despite the drudgery, especially in the wake of Covid, he kept up morale. He was responsive to concerns from the council, employees, and the public he served.

And so we will miss him.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: How does this work?
« Last post by johnny g on March 31, 2021, 12:16:38 PM »
If it was NYC it MIGHT apply  :o
Hackensack Discussion / How does this work?
« Last post by BLeafe on March 31, 2021, 09:35:01 AM »
Events & Calendar / Wave to the Easter Bunny this Sunday
« Last post by BLeafe on March 29, 2021, 11:53:19 AM »
9-11am and 1-3pm:

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by BLeafe on March 28, 2021, 11:55:50 PM »
Here's a typo

As unbelievably horrifying as this error may be, the real error is that it is not a typo - a typing term that includes errors due to mechanical failure or slips of the hand or finger, but excludes errors of ignorance.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: My favorite paper is not having a good day
« Last post by Victor E Sasson on March 28, 2021, 05:35:28 PM »
Here's a typo that could give a celebrated chef indigestion:

A gushing profile of Chef Laurent Tourondel appeared on the front page of the Hackensack Chronicle last Friday (March 26), reprinted from and The Record of Woodland Park. I'm not sure what the purpose of such profiles are, but they are a specialty of Esther Davidowitz, The Record's food editor and chief restaurant reviewer who rarely, if ever, makes clear whether she is comped or pays for her meals.

Tourondel opened LT Bar & Grill "in Hackensack," the profile says, but the actual location, the Shops at Riverside on Hackensack Avenue, isn't mentioned. But that's not the typo.

The profile jumps from the front page to Page 3 and again to Page 4, going on and on about all the restaurants he's opened around the world, and how great his food tastes.

"He ended up cooking in Moscow, Brazil, Vietnam and Las Vegas," Davidowitz exclaims, "and in 2020 opened Cello in New York to rave reviews. He went on to open BLT Steak (2004), BLT Fish (2005)...."

Sorry, Esther. Cello opened in 1999.
Hackensack Discussion / Re: 2021 City Council Election
« Last post by Victor E Sasson on March 27, 2021, 03:09:00 PM »
Bounced from Hackensack slate,
official accepts backing of discredited Zisa family

Actually, I saw a bald eagle perched high above the river in nearby locations on two visits this week!

Here's the story and the images:

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