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As mentioned in the previous post, the groundbreaking ceremony for the 389 Main project took place today (though the first 3 pictures were actually taken yesterday):

1. Parts of the E lot that were closest to the site were off-limits to all but the ceremony attendees.

2. A man who was walking on State St stopped to check out the banner.

3. I decided to document how the tent fit in the grand scheme of the neighborhood on the only late afternoon of its existence here.

4,5. An hour before the guests started arriving today, an effort was made to gussy up the reserved spaces. It doesn't appear to have helped. In fact…………

6. Just before the ceremony started, I got an idea of how many people might attempt to throw dirt at me.

The speakers (in order):

7. Jon Hanson, Founder and Chairman of the Hampshire Companies (and inducted just last Sunday into the New Jersey Hall of Fame)

8. Max Dorne, Director of Development for Claremont Companies (the people doing all the destruction/construction)

9. Bill Hanson, President of NAI James E. Hanson (the Hanson Realty office on State St was the first building knocked down for this project). He spoke for about 3 seconds - I was lucky to get this one shot of him.

10. John LaBrosse, Mayor of Hackensack

The Groundbreaking:

11. This shot includes the 4 speakers, most of the City Council, a certain HackensackNow Editor and 7 people I don’t know.

12. The 4 speakers and 2 people I don’t know

Click to enlarge.

WRONG ANSWER GUYS !!!!  I just spoke with staff at the Fairmount Eats Diner. They detailed the gruesome scene. The couple was hit standing on the tracks about 30 or 40 feet south of the intersection, and hit by a northbound train.  The waitress pointed to a "one way" sign along Terrace Place as the exact spot.  One body was thrown to the intersection of Main Street, and the other was left at the spot.

You guys can circle the wagons all you want, but the facts are the facts. So, this accident IS an example of the tracks needing fencing.  The city government needs to start talks with NJ Transit and figure out how fencing can be built. It's not acceptable that the citizens of Ridgewood get protection with fences, but NJ Transit leaves the tracks wide open through the heart of Hackensack.  And the death count is mounting.  Ultimately this is the fault of NJ Transit, but they aren't going to do anything unless the City of Hackensack makes it an issue. And the city has been unacceptably silent.

I think this can be done in coordination with a beautification project. The fences can be set as close to the tracks as feasible, and the area between the fence and street curbs can be either grassy or some evergreen shrubs and trees, or some combination.  I remember the initiative of Anthony Zisa, then chair of the Shade Tree Commission, to beautify the railroad corridor a bit to the south.  And it was torpedoed by engineering study costs.

Maybe start with the section from Temple Ave to Euclid Ave.
The construction groundbreaking ceremony for this project will be tomorrow morning.

The project's official address is now 389 Main St, as evidenced by the banner put up today.

Click to enlarge.

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