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5-4-19 (continued) (3)

(1-3) As noted in the previous post, the first three images are photo stitches from 5/4's walkaround. They face south, southwest and north, respectively.

5-6-19 (3)

(4-6) I'm tempted to call the guy in the sixth pic "Robin Troweler", but if you're not a 70s music freak...................

5-7-19 (13)

(7-19) I woke up to the view of a familiar piece of equipment that might not be seen again on this project: the very long-armed cement crane. I couldn't see where it was being used on the second floor until they got to the corner of Main and Ward. The last picture is a night shot after rain fell. The next post will begin with an observation having to do with that rainfall.

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I'm gonna have to split up days and continue them in the following post because there's just too much to shoot and I have to stay within a 20-images-per-post limit.

5-2-19 (4)

(1-4) Wood City

5-3-19 (9)

(5-13) Check out the sixth picture. What are the chances that I would capture a certain numbered/lettered mid-air delivery, happen to have that wood utilized facing me a couple of hours later and make the connection between the two from nearly a block away and 4 floors higher? (as he hurts his arm from patting himself on the back)

5-4-19 (7)

(14-20) Three stitches from 5-4 will begin the next post.

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Hackensack History / Re: Dunn Brothers Jug
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I'm told that they were also know at the Hackensack Cash Grocers at 211-213 Main.
4-19-19 (1)

(1) Spacers in the sun

4-22-19 (1)

(2)  This post is non-stop wood.

4-23-19 (2)

(3) The ancient welding machine coughs back to life.

(4) Exterior spacer cover between the second and third floors

4-25-19 (1)

(5) Reading plans and hauling wood

4-27-19 (2)

(6) A new delivery of wood flooring

(7) By the end of the day, most of the third floor flooring is in.

4-29-19 (10)

(8.) Read the plans, make a mark.

(9,10) Lug a piece, kick it over

(11) Stairwell plunger keeps it clean (and if you believe THAT...............)

(12-16) Flying wood (look how much is piled on the third floor)

(17) By the end of the day, the third floor walls have started to go up.

4-30-19 (2)

(18) Multiple wood trucks

(19) Reading in the wood

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They are really moving fast now. You may see a few of these posts this week as I try to catch up.

4-15-19 (4)

(1-4) Now that the elevator shaft is finished, you can see the scaffolding being taken down gradually.

4-16-19 (7)

(5,6) The first thing I saw today (7:48am) at 389 was smoke - a fire? After I emailed the site super, he sent me the sixth pic the next day, explaining that it was what happens when this 40 year-old welding machine on a flatbed truck gets started up in the morning.

(7,8) Workers peeking into future tenants' rooms.

(9,10) Breaking up a concrete block and cementing it into place.

(11) I'm enjoying the river sparkles while I can. As I write this less than a month later, I can only see a sliver of them on the far side and that'll probably be gone within the week.

4-17-19 (4)

(12-15) Four shots, including one taken from Teaneck - probably the last shot of my building from there. The whole thing will be obliterated once the fifth floor is built. That will make the building at least as tall as its concrete structures.

4-18-19 (5)

(16-20) A lot of spacer work going on between the second and third floor and by the time I shot the stitch (last image), the flat third floor flooring was started on the far right.

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Hackensack History / Dunn Brothers Jug
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Hackensack Discussion / Re: Teterboro Airport
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