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One tends to gather a couple of these in a career:

Just got this comment from "Amtrak Enthusiast" on the YouTube video page:

"This train is Norfolk Southern local H81, running from Croxton, NJ to service Kuiken Brothers Kitchen & Bath in Emerson, NJ. The car that it is pulling is a centerbeam car that hauls lumber, which will be used to make cabinets."

Once again, you COMPLETELY miss the point. I'm not trying to tell sports fans about grammar and captions. My writing is basically a complaint about the people who create all the errors and stupidity - people who are supposedly quite literate and who have been properly trained to do their jobs and should know better than to put out the crap they do. If I'm lucky, somebody in charge might realize what's going on and do something about it (and maybe the sun will be green tomorrow). I'm of the opinion that none of this should go unchallenged.

I'm a sports fan. Do I sound barely literate and grammatically-challenged to you? You're REALLY judgmental in your out-of-left-field and over-the-top characterizations. And how do you know that the Courant guy wasn't a subscriber whose Little League son got his picture in the sports section and Dad wanted another copy?

It's hardly healthy to get your opinions shaped by the weird biases that you let bounce around in your head.

Storylines, players, takeaways...............they only come in fives (but stupidity is endless).

Ckick to enlarge.

6-21-19 (7)

1-7.  You'll see similar shots in this post showing different stages. #7 shows a spacebot (still don't know what they are) that's been identified as "Campbell".

6-22-19 (1)

8. New stuff in the E lot storage area for this project

6-23-19 (1)

9. Ditto

6-24-19 (2)

10. Spacebots lose an appendage (I think).

11. Spacebot gets a lift/Lyft.

6-26-19 (5)

12-16. Update from the Main/E. Ward vicinity

7-1-19 (1)

17. Truck-climbing at 7:07am

7-2-19 (2)

18,19. Updates

7-11-19 (1)

 20. Spacebot heads for its final destination.

Click to enlarge (mainly the horizontal shots).

Taken on 7-2-19

There's one thing that would make that last image a perfect stitch: if that vehicle really WAS made by a company called "VOLVOLVO".

Click to enlarge.


The guy on the roof should have his hard hat on............wood pieces are falling out of the bottom. And note that the biggest falling piece is under the dark "Play" button in the center.

The Pix:

1-9. Getting all the roofing materials up on the roof before the July 4 holiday kicks in. Is the guy on the left in the ninth picture taking a selfie?


"Even on the 4th of July, Bob?" Sure!

10-13. The roof at sunset with all that stuff on it made interesting stitches, but a couple of hours later, the Hackensack fireworks were magnificent. The east-facing tenants in this building will love them.


14-19. Except for the first one, they're all roof rain work shots, taken while I'm nice and dry in my living room.

Click to enlarge.


This morning, a truck with video-screen sides and speakers all around parked across State St from the 389 Main project (it parked on the sidewalk) and started broadcasting something about tax fraud and union carpenters a bit loudly. I have no idea who their target audience was until I emailed the site boss:

"That van with large TV screens, blaring loud noise, was the Union Carpenters organizers, try to recruit carpenters to join the Union. I told them that if their film wasn't in Spanish, no one on this job will understand what it is saying."

Someone in a car apparently didn't like the noise, so they added to it by beeping their horn throughout.


1. Lady complains about what's going on in the above video.

2. It's rare that I can get a hammer stopped in mid-swing from a block away.


3. Three loads of wood


4. Third floor at Main & Ward

5. This is my last stitch of the yard before a new office trailer moves in.

6. Stitch of Wood City


7. I'm not sure, but I think these rolls are what's on the south side of the building in the 7-2-19 shots.

8. The only benefit I expected from this view-blocking building was the fact that the blazing Foschini Park field lights would no longer be visible. I'm told that the building is now as high up as it's gonna get. It's just barely failed to provide that benefit............damn!


9, 10. Rain & Reflections


11. The view of the building from the northernmost part of my roof


12. Did someone on the roof notice me from a block away and smile for the camera?


13, 14. From home, I couldn't tell what these poles were there for, so I took a walk and saw that they appear to be the tracks for moveable scaffolding

15,16. The old office trailer was right by the State St entrance to the site. This new one is tucked way in the back, right against the fence where I normally shoot the yard stitches. The stitch shows the problem (and also the problem that this is a crummy stitch).

17. 18. On the Main St side, four floors down and one to go. I heard hammering when I took that shot, so if you look at it closely, you can see the guy in the next shot, hitting the nail on the head.

Click to enlarge.

These two events took place last night after the Hackensack fireworks . They occurred about an hour and twenty minutes apart and maybe 50' from each other on Ward St.

The fireworks went off in the parking lot between 14 and 22 Ward St. The same thing also happened in the same place with the same kind or firework last July 4.

The fire was in a City of Hackensack garbage container stored by the front steps of Raffsonni Galleries at 14 Ward and was quickly extinguished by the HFD.

The video shows the open and close of the display and nothing in between (stills time). The camera's focus tends to drift at times and then takes its sweet time returning.

The show's ending seemed kind of weird with occasional bursts after what I thought was the finale. Usually, I can hear the crowd cheering from almost half a mile away when the show is obviously over, but I didn't hear that this year, so I'm guessing they may have been as confused as I was.

You may recall that I led off last year's Hackensack fireworks pix with the first image (after the video) and wrote the following: "...when I took the first shot, which - by the way - will look quite different next year when a 5-story building fills the 389 Main hole. BTW - I noticed that all bursts were above the horizon from my perspective, so I should still be able to see all of the Hackensack display."

As you can see in the second and third shots, it DOES look quite different and I CAN still see the bursts.

I told the 389 Main site boss to get up on the roof of the building for last night's Hackensack's fireworks show - the fireworks would practically be right in his lap and he won't be able to do it next year - but he already had plans down the shore with his family.

The last Hackensack image is State St jammed with cars as happens every year when the fireworks end (gridlock from Foschini to State and probably beyond).

The Meadowlands Fair's show was better than their previous night's display - it HAD to be if I'm showing more than one picture from it, but the 11pm show was VERY anticlimactic after seeing Hackensack's.

I couldn't see anything of Macy's NYC show this year, due to the weather and didn't notice Leonia's, which may have something to do with 389 Main being in the way.

I don't care............I saw the good one.

Saddle Brook started a few minutes before Maywood, so I did more stills on Saddle Brook. The distant Meadowlands Fair shots came out crappy and the one shot is the "best" of the steaming pile. I'll try again tonight.

The video shows neighboring Saddle Brook AND Maywood (with a somewhat slanted 29 Linden in Hackensack in the middle) and the finale is Maywood's (another reason why Maywood has fewer stills). During the finale, there appear to be pieces of..........something floating around in the middle. At first, I thought they might be on the glass I was shooting through (still have the roof door problem), but they seem to be moving, so I have no idea what they are.


Gannett ruined your "aper"?

The good news is that there's a job waiting for you at The Record.............again.

Due to a temporary (I hope) problem with opening my roof storm door, I shot these through its glass from inside a bedroom. They're decent, but could have been better.

Today's edition of Fives & Flubs features only one Five and 17 Flubs, which are rated DG (Doozies Galore!).

Click to enlarge:

'Tis the season.........

Hasbrouck Heights clearly won the night as Hackensack's high-rises blocked most of Lodi's from view:

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