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Eric, I have been to Israel and every Arab country on its borders. When Israel was founded 850,000 Jews were immediately thrown out of Arab countries and fled to the new Jewish state. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem instructed Arabs to leave the area so they would not be in the way when the United Arab armies invaded and destroyed Israel. Did not work out that way. In discussions in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon it was clear that other Arabs detest Palestinians and only find them useful to attack the West. The whole situation could be ended if the Arab countries absorbed the Palestinians. They are Muslim brothers after all and of Arab stock. Do what Israel did and let them be absorbed by the Arab nation. It is not a big deal to accept a couple of million Palestinians into an Arab population of nearly 250,000,000 people. By the way,Israel has approximately 2,000,000 Arab citizens. They have full citizenship rights with Arab members of the Kenest and the Supreme Court. The only limit is that they may not join the armed forces. Can you imagine this occurring to Jews in an Arab state. I sincerely hope for peace in the region someday but the Arabs will have to recognize the legitimacy of the state of Israel. LarryE

Eric, the Supreme Court of the USA has ruled in a case involving Tenafly that putting up an eruv is a protected activity under the first amendment. If you go to Tenafly you will have to look very hard to find the indicators marking the perimeter of the eruv. While the Orthodox population of that city has increased none of the scenarios you describe has occurred. Actually not much has changed there except for an increase in Orthodox Jews. The city schools are as good as ever. LarryE

Eric you are exhibiting hysterical exaggeration. The only member of Chabad who is moving to Hackensack is a Rabbi and his family. Their purpose is to encourage Jews to be more Jewish and join Temple Beth El, particularly the thousands of Jews in the high rises on Prospect. There will be no invasion of Orthodox into Hackensack. This is only an effort to increase the membership of the synagogue. The traditional Conservative congregation under Rabbi Schumeister will remain in the building as it becomes a shared space. LarryE

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