Author Topic: 1913 Zoomable Browley Maps, Hackensack and more  (Read 13717 times)

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1913 Zoomable Browley Maps, Hackensack and more
« on: December 08, 2013, 10:44:41 AM »
Many maps from 1913. These Browley Maps are in some ways better than Sanborn because they show every house and building in all of Hackensack and Bergen County.  Sanborn was more detailed, but coverage was limited to the more built-up parts of Hackensack.

Plate 14:  SW Hackensack, Lodi, Has. Hts
Plate 15: Hackensack First Ward
Plate 16: Lower Main Street; from Hack. River up to Prospect Ave
Plate 17: Midtown and Anderson Street; from Hack. River to Prospect Ave
Plate 18: Fairmount section and part of Maywood
Plate 19: West side of Hackensack and part of Maywood