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WHAT emergency?


It's been a pretty normal day, until I started hearing these loud announcements outside my window this morning - always with the same 3 statements, repeated twice more each time:

"The emergency is over. All Clear. Resume normal activities."

I've probably heard them at least 10 times over the last 5 or 6 hours.

No one seems to know anything about any sort of emergency around here.

Since I always missed recording the beginning of the first of the 3 repetitions, I combined two videos to simulate what each announcement sounded like.

Like I said.............a normal day in Hackensack.

Teaneck was testing their emergency alert system installed to warn of derailment or fire on the RR tracks carrying Bacun Oil. A family member of yours ran the test. Give him a call.  :)

I'm guessing this is coming from across the river again. It's a little less ominous this time AND it's got "music"!


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