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Meanwhile, over at the Foschini Park Fish Crow Festival.........


I've never seen (or heard) as many fish crows as I did today at Foschini. Knowing a tiny bit about them, I'll bet they never got a permit from the city.

It's probably a pre-Super Bowl party and since they're so annoying, I know what team they're fans of.

Crank it up to hear all the profane cheers.

Two days after surviving the Fish Crow Family Reunion in Foschini Park last Sunday, I encountered a slightly smaller version at home.

They were everywhere: sitting on chimneys, dive-bombing off my roof...........and a couple of peculiar places I hadn't seen them before.

As I took a picture of the steeple next door (pic 1), I saw a fish crow on both ends of the steeple's weather vane.

I zoomed in on them and noticed that they were alternating calls (pic 2). TWO minutes later, a bunch of them gathered in a nearby tree at the Young Men's CHRISTIAN Association (YMCA, pic 3), which is two blocks from the church (the First Presbyterian Church of Hackensack).

My guess is that this group missed the Foschini festivities because they were attending church services.

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