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johnny g:
Hey gang, curious if anyone here shops there. I've been going to either that one or the one in Lodi and personally I like Hackensack better.
The cashiers are always super fast and efficient, prices are good too. It's a little disappointing though when I think that if on a Saturday I needed to go food shopping and maybe pickup something from Sears you can't anymore....anyway  :(

I went to the Lodi one once, didn't like it, so never bothered with the Hackensack one...............first impressions and all that.

It's too bad because it's only 3 or 4 blocks away from me.

johnny g:
Just curious Bob what you didn't like about it..their meat is really good and priced right. Nice big salmon filets, coffee pods pretty good too.

It was a LONG time ago. I recall not liking the whole setup and they didn't seem to have much.

It might be a whole lot better now, but nothing's pushing me there (or past those first impressions).

johnny g:
Yeah they didn't have a lot when they first opened (and there still is lots of items you have to go to a different place for) but as a whole I like their products and prices.


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