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1. Two nights later, the lights came on. Thankfully, they're not very bright from above.. I only noticed they were on when I saw the top of this new tree illuminated by a new lot light.

2. Here's what most of the lot looks like at night. This picture is actually brighter than what I see from here.

3. This enhanced photo of the still-unopened Ward St entrance/exit shows the shadows from a nearby lot light.


Sunday stroll time

4. The view from State St

5. A closeup of what's at the foot of that pole

6. What the perfectly-flat lighting element looks like.............this type of second-story light should be retroactively mandatory for all lot lighting in Hackensack (and everywhere else).

7. What I'm guessing is the snow-dump corner

8. As you can see, there's still a lot of sidewalk work to be done on the State St side.


9. The very next day (someone must have heard me)


10. Today's jobs: The State St sidewalk and the center payment area protection poles

11,12. Concrete in the sidewalk and concrete in the poles (note the upside-down traffic cone funnel)

13. Lots of pole-hammering (to get the concrete to settle in them?)

14. Over half-done

15. The nice-looking pole caps are brought over to the side of the lot and cut down to proper size.

16. The Quikrete is cut open, dumped and ready to be mixed.

17,18. The poles are capped and the sidewalk is finished.

19, 20. There's just one more little detail: the trash receptacle (one of two) is attached............and almost fallen into.

Click to enlarge.

As you saw in the previous post, all the light poles were prepped and ready for installation.

1,2. A truck with a crane looks like today's the day.

3,4. Rainwater is dumped.......

5,6. ........and tarps are removed.

7,8. Wiring is finalized and a base is prepped to receive a pole.

9,10. A pole is picked and transported to that base.

11. Fortunately for me, that base is the nearest one to me, meaning I'll get to do my closest photography right away instead or waiting around all morning.

12,13. The pole is connected to the crane and starts to get vertical.

14-18. The pole is guided over to the base and attached.

19. Voila! The first E lot light pole has been installed.

20. And here's what the finished product looks like. It's hard to see much of a difference with skinny black poles, but it should be interesting when they turn them on at night.

Click to enlarge horizontal images.

All dates are in the file names under each image

1. Finally! The men are here to put the poles, wiring and lighting units all together on a very hot and very rainy Saturday afternoon. I won't pretend to know every detail of what's going on, so I'm gonna appear intelligent by shutting up for the most part and let you geniuses be guided by my photos.

2,3. As you saw in previous pictures, there are more than a dozen bases for these lights around the lot, so these guys have a LOT of wiring to do to connect them all.

4-7. Protection from the sun and rain is needed so they can get this done today.

8. The first two are done.

9. Six..........

10. Nine......

11-13. Eleven (as the rains came).......

14. Twelve.......

15. Cover it all up

16,17. Time to take the overhead protection down........

18,19. ............and clean up all the soggy boxes.

20. A job well-done under difficult circumstances

Click to enlarge.

All dates are in the file names under each image.

1,2. Continuing in the panoramic mode............a couple of Sunday stroll shots - one from the State St side and one from Ward St, which I really like for some reason

3. Getting the money machine ready

4,5. The money machine and its closeup

6-11. This gentleman from DSM (the main contractor for this project) showed up and cleaned up the entire lot (includes 2 shots of the landscaper and his colorful hose).........

12. ...............and these two worked on the wiring for the lot's light poles.

13. Taking a break

14-18. More work in the SW corner of the lot. I originally thought some sort of structure was being built, but my guess now is that this is where snow will be dumped when the lot gets plowed (I hate to tell them, but a good snowstorm will make at least 3 piles that EACH will be twice as tall as this corner wall............should be an interesting first winter for this lot).

19. Folding up a tarp

20. How to properly exit the lot after work (have a good cone guy with you)

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Hackensack Discussion / Traffic light pole falls at Union and Passaic streets
« Last post by BLeafe on July 17, 2021, 01:40:06 PM »
1,2. A little after 2:30 yesterday afternoon, I get on the Nordic Track in my back room because it's next to a window A/C, happen to look out the window and I see this.

3-6. So they strap it to a small crane on the back of a truck and get it upright a crosswalk?

7. It looks like it's standing on something the size of a pencil.

8. Three men appear to pick it up.

9-11. One man seems to be carrying it to its corner (with a little help from the crane).

12. Man carries new lights as officer watches.

13-15. Men put new lights together. (what is that figure in the top middle of 14 and 15? It looks like a hand.)

16. Bike rider eyes where replacement light will hang from.

17,18. Man and crane bring up light fixture to hang.

19. Lights are up, but not on.

20. Back to normal sometime around 5:30pm.

I didn't know what originally caused this all to happen, so I called the HPD and was told that there was a "motor vehicle accident at around 1pm". The light pole didn't appear to be damaged, so maybe it was one of those taps that was a little too strong.

Click to enlarge.

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Two musical minuses
« Last post by johnny g on July 11, 2021, 06:57:47 PM »
Very sad, I'll have to get in there before he closes and stock up!  :-\
She wasn't as loud or as jumpy as last time, but she sure walked (and talked) a lot. The perimeter of that lot is about 2 blocks long and she must have walked it at least a dozen times. I'm guessing that the last segment was part of a victory lap (she DID come in first in a field of one).

Hackensack Discussion / Re: Two musical minuses
« Last post by johnny g on July 11, 2021, 07:08:34 AM »
Redevelopment? Is the building unsafe or something?

My sister goes to see Fillet a lot, and I've seen Beginnings (Chicago cover band) I have to say they are pretty great.
Hackensack Discussion / Two musical minuses
« Last post by BLeafe on July 10, 2021, 11:00:40 AM »
1. The Hackensack Record King is closing after 56 years for redevelopment!  :(

2. "Fillet of the Soul"? Egad!

FILLET OF SOUL has been a local institution for over half a century...........and they originated in Hackensack, no less. How could a Hackensack newsletter not get the band's name right?

The name has nothing to do with "the soul".............from their site: "They wanted the name to symbolize the best of soul music, hence the name Fillet of Soul."

Yeah - I know: minor stuff - but not if you're in the band and have given your all to Hackensack many times. Details matter.

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