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For the second consecutive Wednesday, there were zero workers on site. Great way to break up the week, I guess.

1. I take that back. There was ONE worker on site on Wednesday - probably because of his special skill - but I haven't seen him there before (we could have used him at Woodstock!).


OK - back to work, right?

Nope. Another day off.

2-12. I take that back. There was ONE guy who came down from his lofty perch to utilize his "skills" and take some ground-level shots for a change.

13. So it's been half a month - still have no clue as to what this will eventually look like, so here's the next street-level progress report photo stitch.

Click to enlarge.

1-3. Digging in the NE corner of the lot

4. Adding a gravel layer on the south end of the lot

5-7. Connecting electricity to a light on the Ward St side

8. Men at work, kids at play

9,10. Dirt fill-in

11. Dunno if it's related, but two Verizon trucks get added to the mix.

12,13. Red tape over the electric pipe and a fine fill over the tape

14. The little monster strikes again near the State St entrance.

15. Interesting collection of shapes

16. Before I saw what it was, I thought this tamper/thumper (how technical!) sounded like a helicopter - it was that fast.

17. Digging in the NW corner

18. The cement post-delivery wash-down

19. Not sure what these are

20. Smoothing out the recent pour on the southern end

Click to enlarge.

It was about 10:45am when I heard a helicopter over my apartment. I first saw it as it headed southeast, before it then headed north, seemingly along the Hudson River (first pic). Suddenly, it swung back and headed west. It came closest when it went by the steeple of the First Presbyterian church (second pic). I zoomed in as much as I could to get the third pic.

I can't remember ever seeing a red helicopter before, so I looked it up (fourth and fifth pix).

Apparently, I photographed a US Coast Guard helicopter in a large figure 8 that I saw half of. Anyone know why a Coast Guard chopper was flying over Hackensack yesterday?

Click to enlarge a couple of them.

1-3. I must have caught them on a break on the 27th.

4-6. On the 30th, I was told that they had to connect a drain (I think.............the man was a little hard to understand) to the main line.

All better now.

Click to enlarge.

Community Soapbox / Re: The Sasson Report
« Last post by Victor E Sasson on May 04, 2021, 07:01:34 PM »
Zisas rear their ugly heads in May 11 election for City Council

15 candidates on three slates fight for 5 seats as campaign turns nasty

Why am I writing about activity in the lot on May 1 - a Saturday? These guys are off on weekends.

1-3. Well, for one thing, three trucks showed up on Saturday morning.............but they said "Tree and Lawn Service" on them. Neither of those things existed on the lot and one of the workers was carrying something toward State St, so maybe it was just convenient to park there. Before I knew it, they started to trim a tree that was right next to the SE corner of the lot, but on the street side of the sidewalk.

4. Remember this "Before" photo stitch I posted on Day 1 (4-20-21)? The tree they're working on is on the far left.

5. This video covers what happened next. I thought they were just pruning some branches, as they do periodically, but then the branches started getting bigger and thicker. Before I knew it, the tree was down to a 6'-tall stump and a few minutes later, THAT was gone.

6. And just to reinforce the final image of the tree, here's the still shot:

7. But they were not done yet. I saw the trucks starting to head in my direction. Apparently, no trees were to be near the perimeter of the lot and there are two trees that are on city property just beyond my building's property line. They reach up to about the 6th-floor (I'm on the 7th) and have been a great source for bird (and squirrel) photography for my entire 32 years here.

I've photographed red-tailed hawks, kestrels (the smallest American raptor), blue jays, cardinals, mockingbirds..............even stupid fish crows (and squirrels) at the top of the tree that was on the left. I think that tree was dead, but the branches made great perches for all of them.

8. Believe it or not, it was less than two weeks ago that I watched cement being poured in the lot below as a squirrel was watching the same thing from the tree branch. It felt like COVID-spacing in the upper deck of a game at Yankee Stadium.

9-12. The tree on the right gets taken down first.

13. The top (perch) part of the tree on the left is cut and tossed.

14. When they made the big cut at the bottom, I had to hold my camera out the window. Since I now couldn't see through the viewfinder, I thought I had it properly framed, but..................

15. The two trees are temporarily reunited in their proper left/right positions by their stumps as Lefty gets cut in half. The fence separates the City's property from my building, so you can see how close they were.

16. This might be the last view of the trees.

17. The stumps and other lot detritus

18. The trucks leave.

Click to enlarge.


1. Another early morning break on the corner business' lot (that business has been closed during the pandemic).

2. A break on the south side

3. Making a dent in that huge pile of old curbing pieces

4. Making a few dents in the truck's bed

5-7. Preparing, delivering and lining up the wooden boards to start the curbing-creation process

8. Dead "Pile Snow Here" signs litter the lot from State St to my building.

9. End-of-the-day lot shot


10. From 7 floors above, this initially looked like an open-window food truck. Then I zoomed in............oops!

11. How the area behind my building looked as of last Friday at ground level. Note the two trees standing together in the upper middle (you'll know why very soon).

Click to enlarge.

April 27

1-3. Various scenes around the periphery

4. Breaking up all the old curbing pieces from the lot's southern end

5. Creating new curbing between the wooden boards on the Ward St side

6. The little monster that digs into the lot's surface to make grooves for electrical lines and islands

7. Smoothing out the top of the new curbing

8. Future light fixture has to wear a hard hat.

9,10. Cement activity by State St

11,12. Cement activity nearer to my building

13. Cement work by Ward St as Officer Squillace walks past a car that appears to have been ticketed. I think it was parked there most of the day, but I don't know if it belongs to someone who works in the E lot.

14. It appears that the wheelbarrow died from carrying all that old curbing.

15. I would almost consider this to be an artistic scene. It looks like one of the big toilet paper cardboards contains some wooden stick matches (says the laughing mouth in the upper left corner).

16. Almost every day, I try to create a two-photo stitch that shows what the whole lot looked like at the end of the work day. They almost always fail because the near part won't line up the same way the distant part does (or tries to) and I wind up just using a single photo that covers most of the lot. One day the near end looked OK, but the far end had 389 Main collapsing in the middle as if a bomb went off. In this one, 389 survived, but the near islands - which should be a straight line - aren't...............but not disastrously the image is passable.


Since this project started, I've been woken every morning between 6-6:30am - if not by actual heavy machinery, then by the incessant beeping of various vehicles in the lot as they hit reverse..............over and over....................but not this morning!

I looked out my window. No one was around. Was it a holiday? No. So I just enjoyed my good fortune of a little extra sleep.

17. Later on, I saw two workers just off the lot on the property of the business on the corner of State and Ward. Their lot borders the E lot. I think these guys work on the E lot, but I'm not certain..............and I could see no activity on the business' lot.

I did see Officer Squillace and a couple of lot workers having a discussion on Ward St, but I have no idea what that was about. In any event, no work appeared to be done on this day..............EXCEPT for:

18. Whoever got there early in the morning and removed the city's movable electronic "No Parking" sign, whose usefulness I questioned in this thread on the day before: April 27.

Click to enlarge (especially the stitch).

Hackensack Discussion / Re: 2021 City Council Election
« Last post by Victor E Sasson on May 02, 2021, 09:21:16 AM »
Campaign for City Council
in the May 11 election has turned nasty

Three slates seeking 5 seats trade charges

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