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1,2. A little after 2:30 yesterday afternoon, I get on the Nordic Track in my back room because it's next to a window A/C, happen to look out the window and I see this.

3-6. So they strap it to a small crane on the back of a truck and get it upright a crosswalk?

7. It looks like it's standing on something the size of a pencil.

8. Three men appear to pick it up.

9-11. One man seems to be carrying it to its corner (with a little help from the crane).

12. Man carries new lights as officer watches.

13-15. Men put new lights together. (what is that figure in the top middle of 14 and 15? It looks like a hand.)

16. Bike rider eyes where replacement light will hang from.

17,18. Man and crane bring up light fixture to hang.

19. Lights are up, but not on.

20. Back to normal sometime around 5:30pm.

I didn't know what originally caused this all to happen, so I called the HPD and was told that there was a "motor vehicle accident at around 1pm". The light pole didn't appear to be damaged, so maybe it was one of those taps that was a little too strong.

Click to enlarge.

She wasn't as loud or as jumpy as last time, but she sure walked (and talked) a lot. The perimeter of that lot is about 2 blocks long and she must have walked it at least a dozen times. I'm guessing that the last segment was part of a victory lap (she DID come in first in a field of one).

Hackensack Discussion / Two musical minuses
« on: July 10, 2021, 11:00:40 AM »
1. The Hackensack Record King is closing after 56 years for redevelopment!  :(

2. "Fillet of the Soul"? Egad!

FILLET OF SOUL has been a local institution for over half a century...........and they originated in Hackensack, no less. How could a Hackensack newsletter not get the band's name right?

The name has nothing to do with "the soul".............from their site: "They wanted the name to symbolize the best of soul music, hence the name Fillet of Soul."

Yeah - I know: minor stuff - but not if you're in the band and have given your all to Hackensack many times. Details matter.

Well, I don't know if they're the best photos, but they're the best I could come up with.

As you know, the city did not have a fireworks display again this year (and I LOVE to photograph fireworks), so I figured I'd settle for the Macy's fireworks on the East River (yes, I've shot them from my apartment before). At dusk, clouds and haze rolled in and that was the end of that...........until I heard a couple of tiny explosions nearby.

It looked like firecrackers were going off in the new municipal lot outside my window (first pic) and then bigger things were going off from almost the same spot (second pic). Suddenly, even bigger displays were going off from the northern corner of the credit union parking lot off Passaic and State (third pic).

They had continued in the municipal lot and it was pretty smoky when that stopped. You can see some of that in the fourth pic.

On a different part of the lot (SW corner) smaller stuff was going off (firecrackers and bottle rockets) and I actually got a shot of one taking off from Cape Cone-averal (fifth pic).

So the evening wasn't a total loss, thanks to the locals.

Let's hope the city brings its big Foschini displays back next year.

I woke up early on Saturday, June 26, looked out the window and saw sketches, strings and people measuring things in the lot. It was the lot's hair and makeup crew...........without the hair.

The lot got drawn on and painted. Here's what I saw, beginning at 705am:

1-3. A man and a woman use string to measure lengths having to do with parking spaces.

4. I won't pretend to know what this guy is doing (what's "X-HATCH"?)

5. Teamwork

6. It looks like parking will not be allowed directly in front of the iron pipes, which seem to be positioned to protect something.

7. The very first parking space stripe is laid down by the brick wall in the lot's SW corner.

8. The first two spaces take shape.

9. At this stage, I did a panoramic shot to show all the lot markings before everything gets filled-in. Click it.

10,11. Arrows get painted..............

12-14. .............and parking space stencils for numbers are laid down and painted (#18 gained a digit and #19 is running away).

15. This is the company that's applying the lot's makeup.

16. Yellow section-separators

17,18. The handicap spaces get done.

19. After everyone left, this guy came into the lot to remove a few loose boxes of lights that were on a second pallet and then put that empty pallet on top of the last (opened) stack for protection (or so it appears).

20. So here's what got done today: the parking lot in full makeup. This panoramic shot - that was taken after a light rain - should look fairly decent when enlarged........EXCEPT for the fact that there's a glitch in it............but if you forget I said that, maybe you won't notice it.

BTW - there are 144 spaces in this new lot.

Click to enlarge most of the images (not so much the verticals).

Hackensack Discussion / The Hackensack phone screamer
« on: June 29, 2021, 04:10:17 PM »
Remember the Hackensack dancing guy at Anderson and River (,969)? I just found the Hackensack screaming phone caller in the E lot behind the First Presbyterian Church. I think her hat says "FBI Jesus" (which means "Firm Believer In Jesus").

I can't understand a word she's saying except for the very last word - something you might hear in a church.

Turn your volume ALL the way up.

The rest of paving day......

6-24-21 (Part 2)

1. At the Truck Wash

2. Almost half-done!

3.4. Working around tight (and wide) spots

5. In the home stretch?

6. No! A second layer is applied.

7. The fire only flashed for a second, making it hard to capture.

8. After everyone left for the day, this guy stayed until about 6pm going over the ENTIRE lot with his not-very-wide roller, going straight ahead for the full width of the lot and then driving backwards over the full width, but just a couple of feet from the previous run. It must have seemed like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket...........but he did it.

9. This was something that I had never seen before: the sun reflecting off the windows of 389 Main onto the lot. It only lasted for two days: this day and the next (you'll see why later).

10-15. During the day, I took PANO shows at various stages of the paving, including one from Ward St. Here are a half-dozen of them. You'll never see the lot cleaner than it was in that last one.


16. So what's the first thing that catches my eye the next morning? A piece of LITTER in the distant part of the formerly-spotless lot. When I went out later, I took a closeup shot of it (inset). It appears to have been run over by heavy equipment. The crew littered its own spotless work? For SHAME!

17. Early on, I saw these 3 guys standing around the pipes while one drilled something and then they left.

18. When I went out to shoot the litter, I also shot the pipes. I don't know what the drilling was for, but it looks like the traffic cone now has a little stand.

19. During the day, stacks and stacks of something covered in clear blue wrapping were piled onto the island between the lot and the lot of the corner business. Each must have been 10' tall. I saw some of the workers walking away with some of contents, but I don't know where they went or what those contents were, so............

20.  ............during my walk, I shot a closeup of one of the boxes. They must be the lighting units for the lot (but there were SO many of them).

Click to enlarge.


1,2. The landscapers are back.

3. Press conference at the pipes

4. Wait............what's all this yellow stuff?

5. Closeup.........another picture showed the name on the bag - EZ-Straw Seeding Mulch (with TACK!). Google tells me : "EZ-Straw Seeding Mulch is processed straw with a bonding agent for tackiness which holds it together. Protecting grass seed from heavy washout and windy areas, this seeding mulch speeds up germination."

6. The overhead PANO shot..........looks TACKy to me

7. Done for the day

8. Two lone piles of crushed rock

6-24-21 - Part 1

PAVING DAY! Plus I had the Isley Brothers tribute ceremony to shoot that day (and a couple hundred images to edit that night).

9-11. that wasn't a pile of crushed rock?

12. Death and destruction right below me...........well, it kinda looks like that..............maybe?

13. Return of the cement truck

14. Gotta keep your gaping maws clean...........

15. The first actual paving of the lot took place on the Ward St side..........

16. ............and then they made a left turn.

17. Looks like they took this corner a little too fast........

18. ..........or maybe I held the camera at that angle for dramatic effect. This looks a bit more normal.

19. Tracks

20.  Oops! You missed a spot........

Click to enlarge.


1. Cutting up new concrete for some reason

2,3. Out with the old and in with the new

4. Lowering the heavy pipe? (I didn't see what transpired before this)

5. Chowin' down


6-8. Gardening duties


9,10. PANO shots from State St - wide and tight

11. Straight-down PANO shot


12-14. The old fencing between my building and the lot gets crunched into a container.

15. The fencing gets covered by old parking meter poles and other lot garbage, ready to be covered and carted away.

16. From a distance, it looked like there was some traffic at the Port-O-San, but it appears that it was just one guy who was driving a truck that was towing a piece of equipment.


17. The aforementioned container - now covered - gets hauled away.

18, 19. If I didn't know better, I'd say this guy was burning rubber.

20. Now he gets to clean all the dust out.

Click to enlarge.

The Isleys have lived in Teaneck and Englewood, so they got streets named for them in both towns on June 24. Teaneck's distinction is that the band named their record label "T-NECK Records". Englewood's? Jimi Hendrix lived with the Isleys there for a short time.

Having been born and raised in Teaneck, I attended that ceremony with about 500 other people. We saw the Teaneck Twirlers and a group performing "Oh, Happy Day" and then heard from every politician, county official, relative, friend and neighbor before we got a glimpse of Ron and Ernie Isley.

After that, a covered sign atop the street signs at the corner of Van Arsdale Place (where they lived) and Van Cortlandt Terrace was uncovered to reveal "Isley Brothers Way".

Wouldn't it be nice if Hackensack finally acknowledged that Jimi Hendrix once played in Hackensack and that an (unofficially released) album called "Hackensack Blues" exists. If you're not aware, Jimi ("Jimmy James" then) was part of the King Curtis Review, which played at George's Club 20 at 20 Bridge St before he rose to superstardom. The club (and the building that housed it) are no longer there, but I think the small municipal lot that IS there would look a bit spiffier with some sort of sign or historical marker commemorating the man who once parked himself on that spot.

Back to the Isleys.........the pix:

1. The setup at the intersection

2. Ron & Ernie Isley

3. The family picture

4. The moment the cover finally came off the new sign (it had to be pulled off by hand when the string didn't work)

Click to enlarge.

Doesn't ANYBODY pay attention at this newspaper?

The stupidity starts right at the top of page 1A - THE FRONT PAGE! The Yankees won yesterday and ended the game with a triple play - hence, the "Triple play seals victory for Yankees" bold-faced statement next to the picture. That, obviously, means the Yankees had to be on defense.

But what does the picture show? The Yankees' Gary Sanchez sliding into third base (on OFFENSE!) and the umpire giving a very large "SAFE" sign.

There are NO safe signs in a triple play. There are only outs. What moron decided it would be a good idea to use this picture with that headline? Does one hand know what the other is doing at this paper?

The story - on page 1S of the sports section - continues on page 4S, where the paper shows what is apparently the only picture that have of yesterday's game (second picture below).

Well, at least the caption didn't describe the picture as showing a triple play.

Click to enlarge.

6-11-21 (continued)

1,2. The cement-related activities continue.

3. End-of-the-day PANO shot


4-6. Three on-the-ground Sunday shots


7-12. So the long cardboard-looking rolls were cut into sections and used as cement molds. When the cement dried, the rolls were ripped off and cut up.


13. Pieces of our old fence and some old "Reserved Monthly Parking" signs

14. The landscapers show up and deliver trees that look just like the ones on Main St.

15. New pieces of fencing to be placed between the lot and our building are unwrapped.

16,17. Preparing to hoist the tree into its just-dug hole

18. Not sure what this is, but it's an interesting look from above.

19. New trees cast their first shadows.

20. A PANO shot from earlier in the day showing the new trees, the new fence and our old garbage

Click to enlarge.

.............has created a new company:

Click to enlarge.

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