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Results of City Council Meeting - 4/7/04
« on: April 08, 2004, 12:17:32 AM »
Wednesday, April 7,  2004 8:00 P.M

1.   Roll Call
2.   Flag Salute

All of the following Resolutions were unanimously approved.

3.   Approval of Minutes - March 15 & 29, 2004
4.   Resolution #089 - Approval of Refunds
5.   Resolution #090 - Change Order #1 - DMR Architects
6.   Resolution #091 - Reappointment of Louis J. Dinice, Esq. as Hackensack Municipal Judge.  Term to expire in December, 2006.
7.   Resolution #092 - Extraordinary Services - DMA Data Industries. ($15,132)
8.   Resolution #093 - Emergency — Sanitary Sewer Line Collapse Atlantic Street. (J. Fletcher - $3,387)
9.   Resolution #094 - Emergency - Sanitary Sewer Line Collapse — Passaic Street (J. Fletcher - $11,761)
10.   Resolution #095 - Authorization of Application - Tobacco Age of Sale Program.  (Granting authority to make application for the program)
11.   Resolution #096 - Authorization to Sign Teamsters Local 97 Contract (Traffic Guards Union.  Agreement expires 6/06)
12.   Resolution #097 - Introduction of Ordinance 2-2004 — Salary Ordinance Certain Contractual Employees of the Police Department (All interested parties will have an opportunity to be heared on April 19, 2004.  Tonight’s resolution was for introductory purposes only).
13.   Resolution #098 - Appointment of Peter Capone as Deputy City Manager (Mr. Capone expressed his gratitude to the Mayor and Council and looks forward to serving as City Manager.)  Click HERE for more information. (Requires free registratin with The Record).
14.   Resolution #099 - Professional Service - Jerry LaGuardia Productions & Entertainment, Inc. (Not sure what this is about.  Anyone know?  The contract is for $16,950).
15.   Resolution #100 - Cancellation of Tax Overpayments/Transfer to Surplus (Routine).
16.   Resolution #101 - Authorization to Transfer Overpayment of Taxes — Block 238, Lot 5
17.   Resolution #102 -  Authorization to Transfer Overpayment of Taxes — Block 74, Lot 12 (Routine).
18.   Resolution #103 - Payment of Bills (Routine).
19.   Resolution #104 - $767K Temp. Appropriation (Routine).
20.   Resolution #105 - Joseph Pizza appointed as Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Economic Development Commission.  Mr. Pizza was away on business and offered to return for the meeting.  The Council persuaded him that his attendance was not necessary.  He conveyed his appreciation for the post and his eagerness to start.

In addition, Mr. Peter Tucci was acknowledged for his efforts as Chairman of the Economic Development Commission and was applauded for his years of service.

The Mayor and Council presented the Main Street Business Alliance with a check in the amount of $9000.  These funds are part of the "Special Improvement District" program.  To learn more about this, click HERE.

The Mayor thanked members of the public for their attendance at the Johnson Park Revitalization Groundbreaking held earlier that day.  Click HERE for more information.

Members of the public commented on the role of the Economic Development Commission, the appointment of Judge Dinise who, according to one member of the public, was "too harsh".  The same resident also complained of mistreatment by Hackensack Police.  He sought an explanation from the City Manager.  The details were not clear.

Mr. Eric Martindale urged the city to look into temporary structures (storage sheds) that were placed on a property on DeWitt Street.  Apparently, these structures are not permitted.  Mr. Martindale also complained of illegal dumping near his residence and for the protection of an environmentally sensitive area bordering Coles Brook near Route 4. (Eric - feel free to elaborate.)  

Finally, Mr. Martindale expressed to the Council the need for greater involvement in the "homeless" shelter issue before the County Freeholders.  He conveyed his notion of varying types of "homelessness" and stressed the idea that each type requires different services which are already provided by the County at Bergen Regional Medical Center.  The "band aid" solutions of a shelter in Hackensack, he argued, do not go far enough.  Mr. Martindale received applause form both sides of the podium for his comments.  You may read more about Mr. Martindale's opinion HERE. (Scoll down).

Mayor Zisa agreed with Mr. Martindale’s comments and opined that many recent articles that appeared in The Record do not adequately address the complexity of the issue.  These stories (and others on the topic) may be found under "Community Outreach News" on the following page: Community Outreach

The Mayor reiterated his desire to more fully discuss these issues with the Freeholders.      

As always, I invite other attendees to correct mistakes and add information I missed in follow-up posts.
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Re:Results of City Council Meeting - 4/7/04
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2004, 09:55:17 AM »
In addition, Mr. Peter Tucci was acknowledged for his efforts as Chairman of the Economic Development Commission and was applauded for his years of service.

After reading the front page of The Record the other day about the properties Mr. Tucci owns and fails to do anything with - can someone please explain to me why the city council still supports this guy?   ???

For a man in his position, he should be leading by example, not being the problem for economic growth.  

City officials should be fining him daily and chasing him out of town.