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Planning Board Meeting - Results
« on: April 15, 2004, 12:20:23 PM »
Planning Board Meeting - Results

300 Elm Avenue: approved for a subdivision.  Picture:

175 Berry St.: approved for a subdivision on condition that the Board approves the "foot print" and plans.  There was significant public turn-out on this proposal.  A representative from the Berry Street Community condoned one home for this lot, not two.  Also, the representative disapproved of the design of the homes which was "out of keeping" with most homes in the neighborhood.  The applicant seeks to build two homes on a sub-divided lot, each only 37 x 100 (50 x100 is required by code). Although most homes in that area were built on similar sized lots, the city changed the requirement to 50 x 100.  One Board member voted to reject the proposal and opined that an approval would be "a step backwards" for the city and that the homes were too close together.   The community representative also cited fire concerns.  The applicant was a city employee, represented by Mr. Joseph Zisa, cousin of Mayor John Zisa.  Mayor Zisa recused himself from voting on the application.  The Berry Street Community may appeal the decision.

144 Hopper Avenue: approved for a subdivision on condition that the Board approves the "foot print" and plans.  Each home will be built on 50 x 100, within code requirements.

96 Coles - South Lake Drive: Applicant sought permission to build home on undersized lot.  The proposed home was 15-20% bigger than allowed by code.  Applicant conceded that there was no real hardship that would warrant a variance.  There are also some environmental concerns due to the proximity to Coles Brook.  Applicant will appear at next meeting with revised plans (I think).  

273 State Street: 8 story condominium.  See Picture:

Applicant sought to amend the plans due to sub-surface conditions that prevented the prior-approved landscaping plan.  The board expressed some frustration over the change because much time was spent discussing landscaping in the initial approval process.  The applicant agreed to hire a professional landscape architect to come up with a brilliant landscape design that was guaranteed "not to disappoint."   This condominium complex is widely anticipated to be a showpiece for what is possible behind Main Street.  It is believed that strong, affluent communities behind Main Street will bolster commerce on that strip.  Click HERE for more information.

Moore Street: Commerce Bank application was adjourned until April 27th.  Click HERE for more information. (Requires free registration with The Record)

473 Essex: Applicant seeks to convert home to medical office.  Adjourned.

9 Lafayette: adjourned.  

76 Lodi: adjourned.

Attendees: please supplement and correct this report as necessary.

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