Author Topic: Bob's Home for Wayward Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawks  (Read 2315 times)

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Bob's Home for Wayward Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawks
« on: March 11, 2013, 04:00:20 PM »
I heard this persistent and really loud - almost a screaming - sound this morning that was definitely coming from a very nearby gull.

My first thought was a very compassionate one ("Oh, good - Hammy's found a meal and is dining on the roof"), so I grabbed my camera and went out onto the roof.

Before I could get both feet outside and close the door, I noticed a redtail sitting on the metal structure atop my building's chimney - the same structure where I shot the leaping mockingbird last year.

The screaming was coming from a couple of gulls who were flying by, but not close enough to be buzzing him physically, like mockingbirds do. One gull perched on top of the slightly-higher weathervane/steeple of the First Presbyterian Church to squawk and keep an eye on things.

I took a quick photo to see if the redtail was Hammy. The eyes were yellow............not Hammy, whose eyes would be adult brown by now. It resembled Hammy when he first visited 2 years ago, so it was another juvenile - probably male.

By the way, Hammy was a complete no-show this winter. I'm sure he's nesting with a hot babe somewhere.

Like Hammy, this one (HammyJr?) wasn't skittish when he saw me, which bodes well for shooting on other days when the lighting is better. What DOESN'T bode well is the fact that the cell antennas are supposed to be coming down soon, which will scare him away.

I hope that doesn't happen because I wanna see what happens when the hawk and the mockingbird simultaneously decide that each wants that perch for hunting/singing.

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