Author Topic: Photos: On The Hackensack River Walkway 10-12-16  (Read 2158 times)

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Photos: On The Hackensack River Walkway 10-12-16
« on: October 13, 2016, 10:37:53 PM »
A few things I saw yesterday:

1. Sneakers AND cleats!

2. A set of FDU golf clubs (it might not be clear, but it says, "Fairleigh Dickinson" on the bag). I saw 4 or 5 students(?) carrying these bags, but have no idea where they could have been used on campus.

3,4,5.  Egrets..............or maybe it's one egret shot at different spots

6. It must be a new bus stop next to the pedestrian bridge over the river on the Hackensack side because I never saw it before.

7. Some fellow Walkwayers, including one with a wandering blue eye and an arrow for a tongue


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