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PHOTOS: Squoils & Boids
« on: January 30, 2017, 07:47:11 PM »
I had too many photos for the Hackensack Walkway post, so I omitted the animal pix and put them here.

As I was walking north from Johnson Park, I saw (and heard) LOTS of geese flying by. I figured they were going to land on the grass on the FDU Teaneck side as they always seem to do. But before I got there, I heard another sound that seemed to be coming from a tree - a sound I'm finally starting to recognize............a stationary squirrel. Sure enough, there one was - perched with its tail sitting on his back and head (looking almost presidential!) on almost a pinpoint top of a vertical tree branch. I've never seen that before.

Then along came another squirrel running up and down the tree, seemingly trying to dislodge the first one. He accomplished that and then the two appeared to be playing tag in and out of a hole in the tree.

Then I noticed a third squirrel (but it might have been one of the other two) sitting at the base of the tree and keeping an eye on me. It ran up the tree for about two feet and just stayed there while I took pix of it. I even moved around to get a slightly better angle - which usually frightens them away - but this one didn't budge and kept on posing. Then it reversed direction and did the same thing , but facing downward.

For some reason the squirrels along the Walkway are the only ones I've ever seen act like this. Everywhere else, they run away.

The Hackensack River Walkway - home of the friendly squirrels.

Back to the geese. When I got to where I could see the FDU-Teaneck lawn, there wasn't a goose in sight. As I continued walking north of the ped bridge, I could see a LOT of geese and gulls in the river on either side of the Rt 4 overpass. I took whatever shots I could get through the reeds and then decided to get them from above on the Rt 4 bridge walk. As I approach that spot from the Lukoil station, I saw that they were charging $2.89 a gallon - literal highway robbery!

So I took the overhead shots of the geese parked on the low-tide mud bars, but as I got closer to being overhead each mud bar, its geese started vacating the premises and swimming away. Not big fans of oversight, I guess.

After getting off Rt 4, I walked on the FDU roads back under the highway to photograph the group of geese and gulls north of 4 before heading back to the pedestrian bridge and Hackensack.


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