Author Topic: Rocket scientists IN the Hackensack River (Parts 1 and 2) 6-24-07  (Read 8484 times)

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One Sunday morning in 2007, I looked out my window at the river and saw a couple of people in it. Since where they were was almost a half-mile away, I went to my big, full-size VHS camcorder with monster 500mm lens to check it out. It turns out that 3 people on personal watercraft never bothered to check out tide charts and were stuck on shallow sandbars that had been little islands that reflected the sun an hour earlier.

The video was shaky and unedited, but had some funny parts (like the woman trying to walk in the water), but eventually, all people and craft escaped.

In 2016, I dug it out and managed to transfer it to DVD with a VCR/DVD recorder, which did NOT enhance the video quality. I just wanted to get it on YouTube, but YouTube wouldn't accept it because it was over 15 minutes long (by less than 30 seconds). That had something to do with my YouTube status at the time (not enough videos?).

Anyway, after losing my river view last week, I remembered this vid and gave it another shot on YouTube today. It was accepted! But it gave me about half a dozen notices - most of which had to do its format or some other reason - and it sounded like this attempt was destined for failure too. However, at the very bottom, there were TWO indications of a video loading ("but there's only supposed to be one").

They eventually loaded. One was 15:15 and the other was 0:26, the latter being the happy ending. Whatever. They loaded and played................and it only took me 12 years to accomplish that.

SO.............take a Dramamine pill, check them out and see what you think:

Part 1

Part 2

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