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Teaneck honors the Isley Brothers
« on: June 25, 2021, 09:40:02 PM »
The Isleys have lived in Teaneck and Englewood, so they got streets named for them in both towns on June 24. Teaneck's distinction is that the band named their record label "T-NECK Records". Englewood's? Jimi Hendrix lived with the Isleys there for a short time.

Having been born and raised in Teaneck, I attended that ceremony with about 500 other people. We saw the Teaneck Twirlers and a group performing "Oh, Happy Day" and then heard from every politician, county official, relative, friend and neighbor before we got a glimpse of Ron and Ernie Isley.

After that, a covered sign atop the street signs at the corner of Van Arsdale Place (where they lived) and Van Cortlandt Terrace was uncovered to reveal "Isley Brothers Way".

Wouldn't it be nice if Hackensack finally acknowledged that Jimi Hendrix once played in Hackensack and that an (unofficially released) album called "Hackensack Blues" exists. If you're not aware, Jimi ("Jimmy James" then) was part of the King Curtis Review, which played at George's Club 20 at 20 Bridge St before he rose to superstardom. The club (and the building that housed it) are no longer there, but I think the small municipal lot that IS there would look a bit spiffier with some sort of sign or historical marker commemorating the man who once parked himself on that spot.

Back to the Isleys.........the pix:

1. The setup at the intersection

2. Ron & Ernie Isley

3. The family picture

4. The moment the cover finally came off the new sign (it had to be pulled off by hand when the string didn't work)

Click to enlarge.

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