Author Topic: Walk & Shoot - 2021 Hackensack pictures  (Read 1264 times)

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Walk & Shoot - 2021 Hackensack pictures
« on: October 01, 2021, 04:06:18 PM »
I take walks.

I take pictures.

I put the pix in folders and move on to other things.

I find the folders months later and have to figure out a way to post one shot from January, three from April and all the rest from September all together.

SEQUENCE! A flimsy, but functional excuse to do just that, so make believe you didn't read any of this and just (hopefully) enjoy some images of your city.

Note to Editor: Would you kindly look into some site adjustment that would make it possible to post a caption with its picture so that it's all caption/picture, caption/picture, ad infinitum, instead of 20 captions and then 20 pictures? That would make things SO much easier than trying to recall what a caption said when you look at picture #17 and have to scroll up and down to connect every caption with its picture. Thanks.

OK - time to commit all these captions to memory:

(Click all horizontal images to enlarge)

1. This dual-image shows what's replacing The Record building. The top one is from January 2 and the bottom one is from April 8. By the way - all dates are included in the image info under each picture.

2,3. Two sides of the 50 Main St project on April 18.

4-7. All taken from the back (SE) corner of the Ice House (Note: #4-18 were all taken on a September 2 walk).

8-12. All were taken from Olsen Park in Bogota.

13. This is a panoramic view of the construction by Bowler City after you're crossed the Midtown Bridge into Hackensack. Click twice to fully enlarge. You may need to scroll a bit horizontally.

14. The top half shows what I found on the ground. I had to flip everything over to read it. Was it worth it? No. And yes - they were panoramic shots originally, but weren't any more interesting large, so I shrunk them down.

15. Walking further west, I found this pole-mounted convex mirror to play with.

16. After crossing River St and heading toward Main, I saw this sign asking that you please keep dogs off the grass. Since it didn't say anything about garbage, someone felt free to do this (not me).

17. Oh, goody (yawn)

18. Having never seen this sign before, it just struck me rather oddly.

19. Early in that September 2 walk, I noticed this (top image). I live 3 blocks away, but had no idea that the River St McDonald's had been torn down and was being replaced..........oops, remodeling, as the sign says. I do remember hearing something about this in a conversation I had with Mayor LaBrosse a couple of years ago about the horribly-bright lighting units McDonald's put on poles that shone brightly into my 7th-floor apartment in a building that's on higher ground - again, 3 blocks away. As I remember the talk, it seemed that this problem would be taken care of when the building was replaced/remodeled.

I took the bottom 3 images from my apartment on September 8 (1) and 28 (2).

I guess they haven't gotten around to the remodeling-the-lights part yet, (I don't have a good feeling about this).

20. During this week, part of Union St to the immediate south of Passaic St was closed so some sewer work could be done. Yesterday, I took the middle image picture from my apartment - a block away and 7 floors up and noticed the light was yellow, so I took the other two to be complete and put them all together, leaving the top one intact to identify the location.

Gee - it's almost art!

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Re: Walk & Shoot - 2021 Hackensack pictures
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2021, 03:50:59 PM »
Great photos.