Author Topic: 20 things you might not have seen around town this month  (Read 1404 times)

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20 things you might not have seen around town this month
« on: December 30, 2022, 04:00:05 PM »
These are from a couple of photo walks (and a few from home) from December 2 to December 21:

1. December 2 - Colorful cones keep people off the court until the torn net can be replaced? (just a guess)

2&3. December 9 - I'm always walking down Main St. This day, I walked up Main St to the Fairmount Diner area and took these two from across the street. The first one comes from the establishment shown in the second one - Cranberry Junction. The overpass in the distance is Route 4.

4. Heading back, I took this at a B&W Bakery window.

5. Across the street at 591 Main, I found this holiday-decorated door.

6. 505 Main was a panoramic shot that was definitely worth taking.

7. Almost home, I saw this unusual church message.

8. December 11 - This was weird. I had just come out of my apartment and was walking downstairs in the stairwell when something flew past me - a female house sparrow in the wrong house! I ran back upstairs and got my camera. She kept flying back and forth between the 6th-floor door closer (top) and the closed stairwell window (middle). She flew right into the window and bounced off the glass over and over and finally flew to an upper corner above a fuse box (bottom). I opened the window and off she went.

9. December 17 - Big photo day (10 of the 20). I walked over to the huge Main-Berry-State-Camden streets project, stood smack in the middle of the Berry St block and took this panoramic shot. A decade from now and beyond, I hope future residents in whatever's being built here will get a kick out of seeing this shot of their building in its infancy (you're gonna need to scroll a bit to see the whole image).

10. Walking to the corner closest to Main St, I took this panoramic shot because it gave me a nice big on-site puddle with a sky reflection in it.

11. Yes, I enhanced the green color to get a nice double image in the water of whatever that thing is.

12. On the Camden St side - closest to State St - there's this dumpster in which I could barely see a bit of curly-q metal that looked somewhat out of place amidst a ton of construction trash. I held my phone high and took this panoramic shot that revealed what appears to be a fancy metal headboard from a bed. Where would that have come from in a building that's under construction?

13. Heading east on Camden St brought me to the entrance to Foschini Park and this was the first thing I saw. I was tempted to run up it, but thought that someone at the car dealership on the corner of Camden and River St might not appreciate it.

14. This is a panoramic side view of that car carrier and the car dealership (you might need to scroll a bit here too).

15. A few feet into Foschini Park shows another reflective puddle.

16,17,18. Heading north on River St on my way back home, I stopped in at another car dealership to photograph their Christmas balloons.

19. December 19 - Back's a sight you don't usually see from your living room (Who am I kidding? I had these directly across the street/parking lot from me for 2 years!). By the way, they're cement pumpers.

20. December 21 - This was taken straight across the street/parking lot from my living room window: the dead traffic cone, the colors, the guy on the bench (and also on the phone) staring at the wall, the "Emergency - No Parking" sign, the looks-like-it's-about-to-fall-over telephone pole (is that the emergency?) all makes for an interesting shot that I didn't have to leave home to get.

With the exception of the vertical images, click all - ESPECIALLY the panoramic ones - to fully enlarge and then...............


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